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JDiver 2019-03-02 18:52:21

(Wikipost) Disruptive 2019 Ads on Mobile Device - Please Post SCREEN SHOTS
There are separate threads for mobile devices as well as for disruptive advertisements and for browser redirects / hijacks, as well as other technical issues. Thank you for keeping the thread on topic and assisting Tech to identify, troubleshoot and deal with bugs in this latest iteration of FlyerTalk for mobile devices.

cblaisd and JDiver, forum Co-Moderators

PLEASE POST SCREENSHOTS of the FULL SCREEN and report your DEVICE TYPE, OPERATING SYSTEM, BROWSER TYPE AND VERSIONS, and COUNTRY where you are browsing from in your post.This thread is strictly for the reporting of disruptive ads, including unwanted popups, page hijscks, malware attempts, etc. related to ad content on your MOBILE devicePlease refrain from discussion or speculation about technical issues if they are not reports as specified here.

We apologize for bad ads; these often come through third party ad servers placing insufficiently vetted ads through our advertisement content providers. We continuously strive to address and solve this widespread issue more proactively and quickly. Thank you for alerting us and for your patience!

Please see this Wired article for further reading on this ongoing publishing industry issue (it's not just FlyerTalk):
We understand disruptive advertisements lessen the enjoyment of your FlyerTalk browsing experience. Please post all disruptive advertisement reports here; your full report (see above) will assist Internet Brands / FlyerTalk in handling these expeditiously. Admin / Tech attempts to respond to all reports speedily, but eliminating problem adverts may require communication with advertisements suppliers or devising technical solutions that may require time. (Internet Brands operates during customary and usual work hours on the U. S. West Coast; holidays, weekends, etc. are observed.)

To see how to include a screen shot in your post, once you have taken the screen shot follow the instructions "Inserting a photo or image from your device into a post:" in the first post in the thread

NOTE: Internet Brands and FlyerTalk discourage the use of software that modifies your FlyerTalk browsing experience (e.g. ad blocking software). IB / FT declines all responsibility for the use of such software and can not provide support or assistance if such software is used. As well, we remind you IB / FT can only provide FlyerTalk free to members because of the financial support of advertisers; using ad blockers denies IB / FT income that would normally pay for your free community membership and browsing experience..

Posts advocating, suggesting, or recommending use of ad blocking etc. software will be summarily deleted.

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