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ARCHIVE: Report Disruptive 2018 Ads on Mobile Device & Screen Shots

ARCHIVE: Report Disruptive 2018 Ads on Mobile Device & Screen Shots

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Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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NOTE: the 2019 thread can be found here.

PLEASE POST SCREENSHOTS of the FULL SCREEN and report your DEVICE TYPE, OPERATING SYSTEM, BROWSER TYPE AND VERSIONS, and COUNTRY where you are browsing from in your post.This thread is strictly for the reporting of disruptive ads, including unwanted popups, page hijscks, malware attempts, etc. related to ad content on your MOBILE devicePlease refrain from discussion or speculation about technical issues if they are not reports as specified here.

Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
We apologize for the bad ads. We hope in the new year to have a solution that handles them more proactively and quickly. Thank you for your patience!
Please see post #132 for further reading on this ongoing publishing industry issue (it's not just FlyerTalk) https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/29310693-post132.html

We understand disruptive advertisements lessen the enjoyment of your FlyerTalk browsing experience. Please post all disruptive advertisement reports here; your full report (see above) will assist Internet Brands / FlyerTalk in handling these expeditiously. Admin / Tech attempts to respond to all reports speedily, but eliminating problem adverts may require communication with advertisements suppliers or devising technical solutions that may require time. (Internet Brands operates during customary and usual work hours on the U. S. West Coast; holidays, weekends, etc. are observed.)

To see how to include a screen shot in your post, once you have taken the screen shot follow the instructions "Inserting a photo or image from your device into a post:" in the first post in the thread http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/techn...mage-post.html

NOTE: Internet Brands and FlyerTalk discourage the use of software that modifies your FlyerTalk browsing experience (e.g. ad blocking software). IB / FT declines all responsibility for the use of such software and can not provide support or assistance if such software is used. As well, we remind you IB / FT can only provide FlyerTalk free to members because of the financial support of advertisers; using ad blockers denies IB / FT income that would normally pay for your free community membership and browsing experience..

Posts advocating, suggesting, or recommending use of ad blocking etc. software will be summarily deleted.

Link to Archive of 2017 posts

Link to Archive of older posts pre-2017.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 5:49 am
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Originally Posted by Bear4Asian View Post
I got a message or two from Flyertalk asking me not to use and respectfully replied.
HAHAHAHAHA they (Flyertalk) suck by not fixing the problem, and get mad when people try to fix their (Flyertalks) mistake
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Old Jan 12, 18, 5:59 am
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is there a mobile browser where this is not a problem?
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Old Jan 12, 18, 6:15 am
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Same experience on my iphone as previous couple of posters. Mobile is completely unusable. How can a travel oriented web site put forth such a lousy mobile user experience.?
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Old Jan 12, 18, 7:03 am
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Originally Posted by safigan View Post
The popups are not due to FlyerTalk. You have malware on your iPad.
This is 100% wrong. They are ads served by ad networks.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 7:23 am
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Apparently not fixed for me. I just whitelisted flyertalk again, and the popup came right back. Had to turn adguard back on. I haven't tried disabling cookies, I hate to do that unless it can be done on a site by site basis.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 7:34 am
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I have the same problem but only on the laptop which is protected by avast at least this time it popped up as a Malware trojan but before i could copy the file name down it disappeared but i did get the web address of the pop up ad and reported it . I am very wary about anything that pops up as you don't know what it may hide.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 7:58 am
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Originally Posted by sydneyracquelle View Post
The best 99 cents I ever spent! I bought an app called Crystal for my iPhone and now I can finally read flyertalk uninterrupted.
Been having same issue on my android phone. Downloaded Crystal. Seems to be working. Thank you.

WTH? Now I'm getting this message:

"Can you help us?
Please disable AdBlocker because the funding from our sponsor helps us invest back into FlyerTalk to improve your experience."

Really? I mean, it's a little less annoying but annoying still. This is a joke, right? Do you want us to use your site or not? You wanna "improve my experience"? get rid of the stupid ads.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 8:00 am
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iPhone 7
iOS 11.2.1.

Cleared cookies and website data.

All Flyertalk forums that I frequent (Delta Skymiles, HHonors, this forum) are unusable on a mobile device. The hijack ad appears when the forum loads and before any other interaction (tapping, swiping, etc.)

Here is an entire thread on the Delta forum about it: https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delt...-pop-up-2.html
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Old Jan 12, 18, 8:05 am
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Originally Posted by RRDD View Post

Adguard was free. It works well also. Make sure you turn it On under the settings menu. Also make sure you clear web data.
very frustrating plus it covers whole page and there is no way to avoid it--so i will try one of these apps, thank you
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Old Jan 12, 18, 8:26 am
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Originally Posted by rufflesinc View Post
is there a mobile browser where this is not a problem?
I switched to the mobile version and makes no difference. Site is still plagued by that asinine amazon pop up ad.

Hello IT are you working on this please??
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Old Jan 12, 18, 8:59 am
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Originally Posted by CPMaverick View Post
Only seems to affect iOS users?
Nope. It started on my Android tablet around Dec. 28. It appears on no sites other than FlyerTalk. It's not just the Delta forum, IIRC.

I just won't use a tablet to browse FT until it's widely reported as fixed... it's all yours, Internet Brands, owned by KKR.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 9:05 am
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the “sophos security for the azure cloud” banner ad is the one i’ve noticed that has a 100% hijack rate on my ipad pro/safari with latest updates.

this is on every single FT forum, including this page. i know you guys need the ad revenue, but maybe it’s advisable to shut off ads on certain devices before users get angry and go elsewhere. other forums with banner ads don’t have this problem, especially on a constant basis like FT. hijacks have been bad before, but nowhere near this bad.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 9:15 am
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I had to install a blocker. I donít even feel bad because the popups arenít simply annoying, they make the site unusable. I canít even read two posts before it appears.
And no, this is not malware on an iPhone. That is pretty much unheard of.
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Old Jan 12, 18, 9:30 am
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Hi - Flyertalk is totally unusable on a iOS mobile device - it takes about 10 seconds for a pop up to appear which then redirects to a fake amazon page.
Its a total nightmare. I had to drag out an old windows laptop from the attic to post this as it is impossible to post anything on here with these pop up's.
Please help with this. thanks
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Old Jan 12, 18, 9:31 am
FlyerTalk Evangelist
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Amazon gift card spam from giftcard.top is making FT unusable on mobile.

Why does FT/IB allow this to keep happening again and again and again?
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