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Who do I contact to remove my OMNI/PR Access?

It is all gargabe and I dont want to see it when I do new posts searches. Who do I message?
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Please PM Community Director SanDiego1K

Senior Moderator
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Old Nov 14, 16, 6:22 pm   #3
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Is it possible to revoke my Omni access?

or at least Omni p/R?

although I've been around for years, I only recently reached the necessary 180 posts.

Although I have forums I frequently lurk in, I use the "new posts" view several times a day to scan everything.

since gaining access to Omni, those posts appear in this view. The signal to noise ratio is way to high for me. I also made the mistake at reading several threads from Omni p/r. Huge mistake. What an awful place. And, no matter which political side one falls on, what a poor, poor representation of flyer talk members.

ive realized that I just don't want to see those threads. Not even the titles.

So, is it possible? Otherwise, I might just need to take a flyertalk time out.

(I also must accept my fault in reading several threads. It's a bit like a train wreck, it's so hard to look away. )
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Old Nov 15, 16, 12:26 pm   #4
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I think you can ask to be masked from PR. Regular Omni doesn't usually have the same vitirol as PR & FTers share a lot of good information, from adoption stories to pet pics to NFL guesses to which dishwasher should I buy, so you might want to just be masked from Omni PR only. I'm not sure if the masking is done by the CommunityDirector, the Omni mods, or IB.

FWIW - I don't use 'new posts' view. Instead I set up "MyFlyertalk" (subscribe to certain forums, such as airlines/hotels, etc) & when I click on MyFlyertalk it brings up those forums/a quick scan shows me new posts/threads.

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Old Nov 15, 16, 12:58 pm   #5
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as SkiAdcock said, it is called "masking" and admin/etc can do it
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Hi ediemac, OMNI should now be masked for you.
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Old Nov 15, 16, 1:05 pm   #7
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I thought I was able to do once before on another vBulletin forum (on the user end). I recall being able to edit out sub-forums? I don't recall the process though.

It would be nice not to have the constant, <redacted> posts of the same 15 or so OMNI/PR campers show up in "New Posts" results.

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Old Nov 15, 16, 1:29 pm   #8
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Thank You!

I appreciate you resolving this for me.
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ediemac1, you're right about OMNI P/R. The vitriol is terrible. But OMNI aint as bad. Some really interesting and/or fun threads without the animosity. Though can't speak to the noise ratio
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