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IAN-UK Jun 27, 19 5:14 am

Cancelling and getting a refund from TAP
I've had to cancel airline tickets with airlines only rarely, and (touch wood) it's always gone in a straightforward way. A bit of a wait, but I finally got back broadly what I expected. That was with Thai and Qatar.

I tackled through the jargon rules in portuguese attached to my TP ticket and expected to pay EUR115 penalty, getting the rest of the ticket price back. I spoke to an agent, she confirmed what i thought, but said here'd be a further chunk to pay if i cancelled by phone, but not if i did it online: fair enough.

THEN she said there'd be an extra lump of the YQ and some other element not refunded. She had no idea how much: somewhere between 0% and 100%. Helpful :)

But she assured me the refund department would know. Sadly i could only contact them by email. She gave me the address. No reply after two weeks. But this is TAP.

So back on the phone again. This time the nerw agent thinks the penalty is in each direction, so 2 x EUR115. Plus the unknown extras. Suggests I email the refunds department again.

Yes, it's TAP, so expectations for customer service are as low as can be. But is this any way to run a commercial organisation?

Has anyone any experience of the process ?

Andriyko Jun 27, 19 5:40 am

I’ve canceled a ticket with TP recently. Was a fairly painless process. Was also advised on the phone that I should do it online to avoid the telephone fee. Got everything back minus the cancellation penalty. Took a few weeks. I remember having to e-mail the refunds department as well and it took them awhile to respond. They’re also very slow with responses on social media.

ricktoronto Jul 1, 19 11:19 am

I book all tickets always refundable and usually full fare, through a human travel agent and the TA issues the refunds in 24 hours. It's a big firm and they offset other funds owed to the airline from what the airline owes me that day. So what I pay $40 for an e-ticket. There's a non airline employee human at the end of the day and a 24/7 emergency number.

IAN-UK Jul 3, 19 5:48 am

oops! duplicate

IAN-UK Jul 3, 19 5:52 am

OK, I heard back from refunds, but in the form of the geeky Portuguese version of the conditions attached to the ticket. Helpful.

The scary thing is the ticket is broken down into its four component flights, MAN LIS, LIS SFO, SFO LIS and LIS MAN. Under each component it lists a cancellation fee of EUR115. So that'll be EUR460 penalty?

I phoned the help team again, this time selecting the Portuguese option in the hope of greater clarity.

They assure me that the cancellation penalty applies to the trip in each direction, rather than to each flight. Say the per flight reference in the conditions is "just the way it is written".

The agent puts forward the option of cancelling the return journey for just EUR115, and receiving a refund of half the round-trip ticket i've paid for This interests me, but she goes on to advise me I should do the cancellation only after I've completed the outward journey to SFO, "to avoid complications". I lose interest.

All very TAP. And though the option of turning the ticket into cheap one-way is attractive, I have about as much confidence in TAP as I do in our future prime minister.

I've had a long history with TAP. They holed our relationship below the waterline on a trip to Sao Tome last year; after the lounge access debacle, the withdrawal of hotel accommodation in Lisbon when demanded by their schedule and this latest farce, I've stopping baling the water out.

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