Tap Porto - Lisbon flight

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Tap Porto - Lisbon flight

I had booked a one-way flight from Porto to Lisbon at 3pm on Jan 8, 2019 a few weeks back. Just this week, I got an email that my flight was cancelled and was re-booked to the 12pm flight. I am fine with that, actually the time works better.
When I call in to see if I can select seats, I was told that the Porto to Lisbon select does not allow for advance seat selections.
For those that have taken this flight before, what is the protocol for selecting seats? any issues with seat allocation if I check-in the same day?
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TP just announced a re-org of the OPO-LIS vv shuttle, to less frequencies (~13/day) and from mostly ATR to Airbus.
Unless you have specific needs, just don't bother with ASR, as it's basically paid if you want a seat and not worth it for the short 30 min hop.
See this post from Palal which is pretty current. Check-in T-36 you can OLCI, T-3 go back for free seat assignment.
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FYI - if you're not connecting and going from city center to city center, the train is faster door-to-door. WIth the re-booking you can probably get your money back if you ask. Check the train timetables at cp.pt

The Airbus aircraft that will serve the Ponte Aérea route can be connected to the boarding gate by jet bridge, which makes it easier and quicker to embark and disembark passengers. This means the operation will be more efficient, especially at Lisbon airport, given existing constraints.
LOL! The ground handlers at LIS are famous for taking forever to connect the jet bridge.
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Thanks both of you, that the info i was looking for.

I did look into train travel but we would be at the tail end of a 3.5 weeks trip through Spain/Portugal, so the wife and I would be traveling with couple of large suitcases. Was worry with luggage storage on the train. So I rather just check the luggage through on the plane, and not worry about lugging it on the train and finding a secure space for them.
Plus, my original fare was very cheap, 29 euro a person that includes 1 23KG checked luggage. cheaper than train ticket.
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