TP Flight booked and shows confirmed, no ticket

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TP Flight booked and shows confirmed, no ticket

Hey Folks,

Throwing this out here in case someone has some last minute advice, any suggestions for reclaiming additional last minute fare costs, portions of EU261 or if I'm just generally SOL.

I booked a TP J O/W ticket during the discount sale from OSL --> JFK. The website bugged out a few times on me, but I was eventually able to confirm a ticket, however the website said I needed to call to present payment. I immediately called up, gave the credit card number and details, and the person said it would be charged in a few hours. I at this point received no emails, but website shows it as confirmed so I ignored it until a month or so later when I got a schedule change email. Figuring all OK because I received an email, I wasn't terribly concerned, even though I was a bit confused why I hadn't received a confirmation. I had intended to call then, but due to the sheer volume of travel I was doing and planning at the time, it slipped. Fast forward to last night, where I finally got around to figuring out the rest of the trip. I called up with the intent of fixing the schedule change (I originally had a stopover that as part of their schedule change had gone away, and I wanted the stopover) and was told payment was never processed, and no ticket issued. I received no call or email saying as much. They are now saying that the fare I originally booked and attempted to pay for in September is not valid (obviously). My reservation, price, etc are still active in their system, but it doesn't offer me any way to pay for it.

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