Tap Portugal Lie-Flat? MIA to LIS

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Tap Portugal Lie-Flat? MIA to LIS

Does anyone know if MIA to LIS Tap Portugal Route (TP0224) has lie flat seats? I know BOS/JFK to LIS does but TAP's website isnt clear. I tried seatguru but there are 5 version of Tap's 330-200 and some have lie flat and some dont, but doesnt say which. (Seatguru actually lists JFK to LIS as not lie flat so cant rely on it).

I called TAP twice, got 1 "No" and 1 "Yes" so I am not too confident. Doing a mock booking, I get "standard reclining seat" as the description. Any insight would be helpful.

P.S. How is TAP? We typically fly Delta One but the prices to Portugal are ridiculous so we are looking elsewhere.
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Very unlikely. Looking at the last 7 days of TP224, all planes used have either been A333s (which are not being retro-fitted) or non-reconfigured A332s

(The only A332s that are lie-flat at the time of writing are those with registrations CS-TOL through CS-TOR inclusive. The A332s with registrations CS-TOE through CS-TOK are not going to be reconfigured (source)).

But be aware that even when your route is supposed to have a reconfigured plane, it can often get swapped out at short notice. I returned from BOS a few weeks back on one of the non-reconfigured A332s which was swapped in at short notice. Wouldn't have minded so much if it had been for the westbound (daytime) flight to BOS. The change in seating configuration meant that there was a lot of sweat swapping - I moved (twice) to allow couples that had been separated to sit together.
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What is the best source for a seat map for CS-TOO? Would it be the Azul seat map on seat guru? Or the Tap 332 #5 on seat guru?

My main question is, does row 25 exist on the sides of the plane? Or is 26 the bulkhead row? My reserved seat choice changed a few times, pretty sure I originally booked what should have been the bulk head for extra leg room, but now I think I'm in the second row behind in 26.

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Dear Garavar,

TapPortugal from MIA to LIS is a great product in C, specially when you compare with the alternative (none) there aren't any other direct flights between MIA and LIS. The food and drinks are consistently good, except for the sparking, (Tap doesn't serve champagne....) however you will be served hot soup and expresso The departing C lounge in MIA it is also sub-standard, it is an old AA lounge in a terminal that Tap shares with the charters to Cuba...., not the *Alliance terminal
Everything else (lie-flat seats and quality of the crew is unfortunately uncertain.... Good luck
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I flew this route in March as I've been trying out different airlines on my flights to/from Europe/Florida to see what I like. Got the equipment swap to the old angle configuration. I'd never flown an older business class product before... it was, uhm, an experience? I'm totally okay with angle-flat myself but the rest of the seat was just awful. I haven't seen an IFE like that in well over a decade, maybe longer. And seat storage might as well not exist. So, if you bring your own device it's very difficult to figure out where to put things. It's super awkward. Definitely go for middle seats. I got stuck on one leg in a window seat and jumping over the stranger (asleep) next to me to go to the lav. This was hilarious because I'm really short.

Can confirm the lounge in MIA is weak - but the showers were nice and the staff were very helpful. No hairdryers in the shower though. Would suggest that if you are at the airport early, take up in another lounge and deal with going through security twice. There's a thread around here about that somewhere. Or just get to the airport late. Eat lots of Cuban food in Miami before hand. It's not worth getting there early IMO unless you want a shower. They do take forever and a day to warm up. I flew in on a separate connection from JAX-FLL on JetBlue that morning so I had time to kill... should've holed up at the airport hotel instead.

On board, I really enjoyed the food. Service could have been friendlier? And they seemed quite stingy with the wine. My connection with TAP within Europe went blew way past my expectations in regards to service though as if it were a completely different airline. And the lounge in LIS was pretty cool.

I would say, if you want to try something unexpected and old school, it's entertaining. But don't go in with high expectations. And be prepared for the cheese course - it's the strongest smelling cheese I've ever experienced (but I found it delicious... so...)
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