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ilcannone Nov 4, 17 8:20 am

Alternatives to TAP to get to TMS
So, I've been doing my homework for getting to TMS and it seems there are very limited options to get there:

STP Airways from LIS
Afrijet from LBV
and, apparently, CEIBA Intercontinental from SSG

Ideally, I would go in one way and out another (although I'm cautious about going via LAD due to Angola's insane visa policy), and I can't find any reliable information regarding Afrijet (which only seems to be bookable until March) or CEIBA. Maybe someone here knows about either CEIBA or Afrijet?


Palal Nov 7, 17 4:51 am

It's pretty easy (and inexpensive) to get a transit visa if you want to leave the airport in LAD [needs to be done in advance and may take a few weeks to get done, but totally doable. up to 72 hrs I think to transit]. Otherwise if you're just connecting without leaving the airport - no visa is needed.
Afrijet (full name Afrijet Business Service, not to be confused with Nigerian Afrijet that no longer exists) seems to be operating old-ish ATR-42 and ATR-72 and it seems they may not be an IATA member.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd choose DY over Afrijet.

P.S. You can always fly TP TMS-ACC and then connect on to another airline.

Also, with the new award structure, ACC-TMS is only 8K UA miles + a small amount in taxes.

grlmopz Nov 8, 17 7:08 am

Out of curiosity, why are you trying to avoid TAP? I ask because I'm supposed to fly TAP to TMS in about two months.

IAN-UK Nov 13, 17 4:27 am

Originally Posted by grlmopz (Post 29034905)
Out of curiosity, why are you trying to avoid TAP? I ask because I'm supposed to fly TAP to TMS in about two months.

I'll jump in on that !!!

The main problem centres on the aircraft type. It's the same aircraft, in the same short-haul configuration, that takes you on short flights within Europe. The flight south isn't too bad: certainly not comfortable, but bearable if you take a good book, don't expect much service from the crew, have short legs and a generous, patient nature.

The return trip is a hellish red-eye with the late night stop in Accra adding to the discomfort as the plane fills up. My Accra night stop involved a long stand-off argument between a fractious cabin crew and the stubborn dispatch team over mismatched passenger numbers. Some face-saving agreement was finally reached after 90 minutes' delay and a passenger revolt. How regular this type of thing is, i don't know - but Accra is pretty clearly a dysfunctional place for TAP.

The secondary problem Lisbon airport where apron stands mean jam-packed bus rides: the size and shapes of carry-on baggage that makes it through to the bus+aircraft bound for some African destinations will amaze you :). Bad coordination means bussing invariably involves uncomfortable stationary waits at aircraft steps before boarding and/or the gate before setting off for those steps. Just for fun, my return trip involved a loooong wait with doors closed at the aircraft side before heading cross the apron to the airport.

As a caveat, my trip was in business-class - so scale down any expectations if you are trying it in economy :eek:

I am going back in the new year, but I'm looking into STP: narrow-body again, but non-stop though only a weekly service. It's operated by EuroAtlantic, who also sell the flight themselves (they're part owners of STP). EuroAtlantic is Lisbon-based and also serves Bissau.

Link to my ealier (very mini) trip report:

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