TAP Short-haul seats - A321 vs others

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TAP Short-haul seats - A321 vs others

Hi all,

I flew TP369 from LHR to LIS on Thursday night on an A321 in row 8 (business took up the first 6 rows on that flight). I hadn't expected much, but was pretty shocked by how bad the legroom was (at online check-in, selecting row 8 seats brought up a "Comfort" label - it seemed like some kind of joke when I was on the plane and had the passenger in row 7's head less than 10cm from my nose even before he reclined...

I'm 6ft / 1.83m and my knees where pressed against the seat in front however I tried to position my legs. Part of the problem seemed to be thickness of the leather seats. Supposedly they provide a more comfortable feel, but from my perspective they took up another ~5cm of space I could have had.

There seem to only be ~2-3 A321s in TAP's fleet. Are these aircraft any worse than the A320/A319's in TAP's fleet?

I'm due to fly back on TP356 on Monday. This appears to be booked as a A321 too, so even if the other aircraft are better, I'm probably out of luck.

Does anyone have any tips for a better seat on TAP's short haul fleet? I value a window seat with an actual window and was put off the exit row seats due to the lack of window. However, on the plane 11A/11F had no seat in front of them and appeared to have a window. Any other options if those two are gone by the time I can check-in (36 hours I believe - I'm *G but I can't see any options to select a seat earlier).

Thanks in advance for any help,

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The current TP A32S seating reflects the time period they were acquired in (1999-2005) and is currently being replaced by slimline seating, but the A319/320 fleet is due for the retrofit first.
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So what are the best seats on an A319/A320? As *G can I select a Comfort seat or Emergency Exit row for free?
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OP - don't worry - TP is going all slimline :/

KLflyerRalph - A319 is row 10, A320 is row 12.

On the new A319 planes anything in front of row 10 will recline and have power outlets (red seats), everything behind - will not. No divider between Y and C.

The pitch is incredibly tight in the green seats, but the seats don't recline. Comfort-wise, I think both the red and the green are about the same. Can't complain too much about comfort, but sitting in one of those for more than a couple of hours would get old.
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