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No TB Elections: TalkBoard Disbands 30 Nov 2016

Old Nov 6, 16, 7:14 am
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TalkBoard Will Disband 30 November 2016

"Talkboard will be disbanded at the end of November. Many people have faithfully served as Talkboard members. Many good decisions have come from it, and FlyerTalk has been strengthened as a result. However, FlyerTalk is now a mature board with little activity where Talkboard can engage. It's been increasingly difficult to get members to vote in the Talkboard election. I think that readers are happy to engage in conversations about miles and points but have little interest in the mechanics of the board. I deeply appreciate all that Talkboard has done over the years. We are a better site thanks to their efforts.

Community Director"
(See post #4)

In our opinion, the members who have so ably served TalkBoard and the Community over the years deserve our thanks for sharing their interest, time, efforts and varied points of view towad building an ever better FlyerTalk.

Please direct your comments, feedback and discussion regarding this new stage in FlyerTalk's growth and direction in a friendly, respectful FlyerTalk manner here.

JDiver and Moderator2, proud to have been your TalkBoard forum Moderator team
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No TB Elections: TalkBoard Disbands 30 Nov 2016

Old Nov 17, 16, 12:57 pm
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Let me weigh on on this topic if I may.

Let me weigh on on this topic if I may.

Let's look back on the origins of the TalkBoard. The concept originally came about in the late 90s (FlyerTalk officially started in 1995) as a way to open up a channel of communication within the members of FlyerTalk and use the voice of members to help build a path for FlyerTalk. Of and by the members was important in those early days. While not true today, FlyerTalk at the time had no mentors, had no competitors to learn from, no existing business/community model and as a pathfinder in a new and growing forest called the World Wide Web, used a process that is now called "crowdsourcing" as it's listening device. Yes, FlyerTalk was early on in travel: among the first to form a crowdsourcing "business plan", among the first to create what is called social media today by introducing formal lurkers and among the first at so many other things. All members should be proud of its heritage.

As for the TalkBoard, actually when Internet Brands acquired FlyerTalk in 2007, the wind down of the TalkBoard was among the topics that i advised Brent, the main representative of Internet Brands, of at the time as I had thought that FlyerTalk had gotten to a point even in a day and age of growing social interaction in 2007 that any local decisions for changes could be made individually without the need for a board action given it's long and illustrious history of other decisions. The point, it doesn't take a village to decide if Spirit Airlines requires its own forumit doesn't.

While it has taken a while to get to that advice given in 2007, I support this being completed and would ask members of FlyerTalk to be proud of how it got here. And it does not signal a message that member input is no longer neededit is. Along that path and is mentioned upstream in this thread is that there was previously a "Suggestions" thread and a return to that format would ensure a public channel of ideas and suggestions from FlyerTalk members thus still ensuring the concept of "crowdsourcing" continues past its 21 years to date. Anyone at Internet Brands could parse though those suggestions based upon its relevance to technology or to content or to structure and speed along the process of implementation.

Members and their voice are just as important today as they were in 1995, it's just the process of parsing that voice will be done in a more expedient manner. (cue the jokes about how many TalkBoard members does it take to .....)

For all those who represented the voices of our membersapplause, applause, applause. I recall many great moments in the TalkBoard history, many great dinners (Lon's at the Hermosa Inn in Scottsdale was my personal fave) and of course many great discussions of what eventually would result in what FlyerTalk is today.

Losing the TalkBoard doesn't mean FlyerTalk losing its vibrancy. It doesn't mean anything more than we have arrived.
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Old Nov 17, 16, 1:08 pm
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Thank you, Randy. It's great to see you visiting your family. And thank you so much for sharing with us the history of Talkboard, of your pioneering use of social media, and the use of crowd sourcing to create structure for FlyerTalk. This all gave us a robust site. And thank you for your support for the decision to wind down Talkboard. I am deeply appreciative of those who served, of the hard topics they took on, and the wise decisions they made. And the time has come for the next chapter.

I expect to set up a new forum called "The Suggestion Box" and place it adjacent to CommunityBuzz. It wlll be the place for members to come who have an idea for how to do better what we already do very well.

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Old Nov 17, 16, 6:03 pm
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Originally Posted by Dovster
If I recall correctly (and I am certain someone will correct me if I am wrong) it was originally TalkBoard -- before I joined FT -- that established the very basic concept of having moderators for the forums.
You may be thinking of Randy's first advisory board. TB as such did not yet exist when Randy appointed the first round of mods in July 2001:

Originally Posted by Dorian
The 3 Moderators are long time members of FT. Another 10+ will be added after some experience is gained.

There is currently no Talk Board. The post #'s you seen in that forum are from the historical and current group of ~10 long time FT'ers who aided in the testing and commenting of nFT. The continued posting in the Talk Board forum is follow-up and new minor issues.

The first Talk Board will be appointed (4) and elected (6) in the next weeks. They will have a one year renewable term.

Anyone can apply for these positions: TalkAssist, TalkModerator, TalkBoard.

Apply here -> http://www.flyertalk.com/talkteam.shtml

That being said, I assume this thread will be moved to a more appropriate forum.



[This message has been edited by Dorian (edited 07-22-2001).]
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Old Nov 23, 16, 10:11 am
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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K
...I expect to set up a new forum called "The Suggestion Box" and place it adjacent to CommunityBuzz. It wlll be the place for members to come who have an idea for how to do better what we already do very well.
It's open:

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Old Nov 30, 16, 4:08 pm
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I've only posted in two threads since January 1: a thread trying to merge Travel News, where I regularly post, with another forum, a topic that just never seems to die, and a thread from an Internet Brands employee asking for feedback. I was a regular poster on this forum for years, contributing weekly if not daily on some issues, but the dissent among a few Talk Board members, timed around the last election, and the public harassment of one Talk Board member, soured me on participating in this forum. I suspect I was not alone in mostly sitting on the sidelines.

Goodbye, Talk Board.
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Old Nov 30, 16, 5:48 pm
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Originally Posted by Dovster
Carol, I believe that despite its very large membership, most posts are made by roughly 3000 people.

Originally Posted by Dovster
However, they realize that TB has been effectively neutered. It has no authority beyond recommending to you that new forums be established.
Yes, which is why it made sense to just close it.

Originally Posted by Dovster
That is why members no longer bother to vote in TB elections and, indeed, very few are interested in serving on TB. This is a pity as you have these three thousand or so members who are very dedicated to FlyerTalk, tend to be more highly educated and professionally successful than posters on other boards, and could have made substantial contributions to how FT operates if only they were allowed to do so.

Originally Posted by RichMSN
I will not comment on moderation.

But it was clear, even when I served on TalkBoard, that the TalkBoard was a group with no teeth, despite being elected by the membership.

Originally Posted by RichMSN
The TalkBoard was a place where ANYONE could serve. There are many of us who wish to be involved with the TalkTeam, but for whatever reason aren't deemed worthy.

Apparently now there's no place for we "deplorables" to go now.

C'est la vie. RIP.

Originally Posted by kokonutz
As a TB veteran, I tend to agree with this decision.
Yes, for the reasons outlined in Dov's post above. Might as well close it down.

Originally Posted by Davescj
I'm sorry to see the board ending. I still have my luggage tags and use them! I have enjoyed reading, even when I did not actively post. And it was a great alternative to A.net


Originally Posted by bhatnasx
Agreed 100%....I've always felt, even when I was a moderator & a TB member, that this was a pretty bad policy. I can understand not discussing specific actions, as that's what Randy's view point was - but it's become a taboo to talk about it in general & if members can't express or discuss their community and how it's managed, then it's not really a community...

Originally Posted by Moderator2
There has been a light hand on the moderation issue so far in this thread.

Originally Posted by Randy Petersen
The point, it doesn't take a village to decide if Spirit Airlines requires its own forumit doesn't.
If that's all it's allowed to deal with, which is what it came to many years ago already, then yes, closing it down has been overdue.
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