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Closing the Smoking Section Forum [Update: it will stay open]

Closing the Smoking Section Forum [Update: it will stay open]

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Post #116 by the Community Director:

"I've no plans to close the forum."

Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post

It's great to see new voices in this thread. Some have just learned of the Smoking Forum and hopefully will now use it. For the many reasons listed above:
  1. It's a resource forum that doesn't require give and take conversation to be of value
  2. Smoking has become a negative topic in general. This forum is a safe haven for discussion.
  3. It doesn't take resources from other forums

I've no plans to close the forum.

Community Director
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Old Sep 13, 16, 6:42 am
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As others have noted, a "niche" forum is never going to be as "active" as something with a wider audience.
But that's the reason why I come to sites like this.

I don't see what harm there is in leaving the forum there and maybe this discussion might get more people to be active in it, but just because there haven't been a large volume of posts doesn't detract from the value that the existing content brings.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 6:47 am
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+1 for keeping the forum!

For something like this, you can't measure it by the number of posts it gets, you measure it by usefulness to the audience. By keeping it, you provide a service that doesn't exist anywhere else, and even if it is 50 page views a month, that is 50 searches for something that people can't find elsewhere. I say keep it.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 6:57 am
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The smoking forum is a helpful reference area, and should not be measured based on frequency of posts or general activity. I am unsure what "resources" are consumed by the forum, but certainly in terms of site operation and data storage those resources must be minimal. If human resources are required to monitor new content posted etc., I would expect those resources to also be minimal if the forum is receiving fewer posts than other highly active forums.

It is unfortunate, as another poster commented, that militant anti-smokers will do anything to silence the views and opinions of anyone who disagrees with them, which is both anti-democratic and anti-American. Everyone's viewpoint should have the opportunity to be heard. Additionally, this forum should be managed as a discussion and reference information source, and political or philosophical opinions and postings are likely best left for another location.

I hope that the forum here continues to stay active and survives this unwarranted attack.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 6:57 am
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Not a smoker, don't need the information here, but respect that it could be useful to others and don't see the harm it leaving it available for those folks.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:03 am
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Keep open please

I was not even aware until the newsletter that this forum exists, but will have a look now.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:12 am
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Originally Posted by cblaisd View Post
In other words, the Smoking Lounge is a library of information, consulted by many, easily accessible in one spot, helpful to a segment of the FT community, in the same way information about Disability Travel is.

And that's a reason to kill it?

I just don't get it.
Just more of the same ole' same ole'. Mention the word smoking and some people just go on a crusade In other words, it's almost like posting a question in a regular forum and getting jumped on.

It's been repeated many times that it's used more for reference than for posting. I know I have it in My Flyertalk and if I see a new post I always go look at it to see if it's a question or just more information.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:27 am
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I've seen a lot of mention here about whether the forum is a 'successful' one, which seems to me to be subjective opinion at best. Everybody weighing in will have their own definition of 'success'.

But I ask those wishing to close the forum: If the forum is closed, where would you like the smoking-related posts to go, and why does that make things better than the way they are now? If people are saying it's helpful to them (and as I've posted in this thread previously, nobody thus far has come forward to say that the forum is less helpful to them than the way it was previously), why do you want to reverse the helpfulness?
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:27 am
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Another vote to keep it - I am now giving up smoking - but it has been invaluable at times. Keeping it hurts no one - losing it will impact those who use it just to satisfy the anti smoking crusaders.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:33 am
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Why shouldn't smokers have a forum?

Originally Posted by Doc Savage View Post
'Cause smoking is nasty!

And the real reason for wanting it closed is exposed: because judging others' habits is so much fun!
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:38 am
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Originally Posted by goalie View Post
And I agree as well and no, I'm not saying this as one of the forum's co-moderators but as one who smokes and actively seeks out locations to smoke when I travel
I also agree and don't see a need to close the smoking section forum.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 7:50 am
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No closing

Not a smoker but can be helpfull for them, so why not keep it
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Old Sep 13, 16, 8:04 am
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I am a strong anti-smoker, but this is a good way for adults who have made a legal choice to find places that accommodate them. After all when they have a place for their enjoyment, none of us has to smell it.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 8:05 am
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It's a Special Interest forum. The Smoker's Lounge serves its purpose by providing and sharing information with a niche audience. As others have stated, other Special Interest fora (Disability and Women's Travel) in which I do participate (I don't participate in the Smoker's Lounge, as I don't smoke) may not have as much traffic as posts in hotel and airline fora, but they provide valuable information for specific types of travelers that is not easily accessible (or available at all) elsewhere on FT.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 8:17 am
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+1 for keeping the smoking section forum open

I'm of the opinion that the smoking section should remain open. My argument is that it serves as an outlet for the smokers out there.

It is my view that smokers should not be discriminated.

Thank you.
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Old Sep 13, 16, 8:47 am
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Originally Posted by taina2 View Post
I am a strong anti-smoker, but this is a good way for adults who have made a legal choice to find places that accommodate them. After all when they have a place for their enjoyment, none of us has to smell it.
Strong as in "muscular", and a non-smoker? I am confused. (Not a personal attack -Im simply the curious type). +1 to all the early posts by Bruce and many others. This is a niche forum -and serves a purpose to some, "flyers who talk" (online).

*What is to be gained by closing the thread? I'll donate $100 for server space costs out of principle.

Here's an analogy... I had a Plasma TV that needed repair. It was a limited-run TV, and there wasn't much info. available online. Low and behold after spending far too long searching various sites/threads/forums, I found a brief mention for the specific repair for my make & model TV. $20 piece and an hour soldering saved a $2000 TV. So, a "flyer who talks" wants to buy cigarettes in Singapore, or doesn't know where to find the lounge in DIA (for e.g.)... in time, this segmented thread will grow -i.e., hold value (as a community).

Does anyone remember Sarah Silverman on Bill Maher (years ago on Politically Incorrect?). The topic was a racial epithet laced joke she told on Conan. Guy Aoki was also a guest. Ergo, I end with, "I Love Smokers".

Peace out y'all. Keep on lifting the weights T2.
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