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Suggestion: Mood rating for customers of different airlines

Suggestion: Mood rating for customers of different airlines


Old Nov 3, 13, 2:28 am
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Suggestion: Mood rating for customers of different airlines

Following a number of different airline fora, you can't but notice the strong feelings, both positive and negative, that regularly erupt over changes to service and to FFPs. Sometimes negative feelings settle into acceptance or even appreciation; sometimes enough resentment lingers for customers to actively start looking for another airline/alliance/FFP where customers are happier. And sometimes we just whinge in unison about an issue which we know, hand on heart, is minor, and the only reason why we notice such minor things is that we really love the major things about the airline.

It seems to me that FT has the potential of being a brilliant medium for constantly monitoring how happy the customers of each airline are, and how the ratings compare with other airlines. This could create a resource that would be available not only to FT members, but also to outside organisations, so that travel journalists would be alerted to the depth of feeling (or not) about particular issues at particular airlines. Above all, the airlines themselves would have the opportunity (and if it works out, maybe even view it as an obligation) to take note.

It could be done very simply: All you would need to do is to request that everybody who posts indicates how they current feel about the airline in general on a 1-5 scale illustrated with smileys (rather like the buttons you are invited to press after security at LHR) and/or descriptors (I would advocate including descriptors as they could be used to emphasise the long-term aspects, e g to whether you are inclined to increase or decrease your spending with this airline over the next year, and/or whether you would recommend it). The average ratings could then be displayed next to each Forum link on the Forum home page.
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Old Nov 9, 13, 9:46 am
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Interesting idea, but too subjective. Monitor and analyze monthly passenger and revenue numbers by carrier. If trends develop and pax are voting with their feet, that's worth noting. Otherwise, just noise, likely whining given trend of recent program changes.
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