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How many posters has FT lost yeare over year?

How many posters has FT lost yeare over year?

Old Aug 31, 13, 12:55 am
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How many posters has FT lost yeare over year?

Since there seem to be more and more poor threads that are cut off, moved, etc. I'm curious what the year over year numbers are in terms of how many posters leave from one year to another. Why isn't there a way that complaints/concerns about how the moderators deal with posters aren't addressed or how they are just closed?
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Old Aug 31, 13, 4:42 am
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I cant see how any system online can see who has left. Okay they might be able to see who hasn't logged on in a year. However does this mean that person has left or just to busy or changed in circumstances.

Sometimes people are lost, like in all parts of life, because other people and personalities come along. Some people, I think everyone is possibly guilty, getting computer rage when sat in a private hotel room, or indeed your own house. Some people would never behaviour in public like they do online. However this does mean some can ask private questions they wouldn't ask friends.

I was always under the impression there is a system of complaint about the mods if needed. I was always reminded asked or informed to comment anything concerning to the community Director. At present this is http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/members/sandiego1k.html Sandiego.

(Sorry, I cant link at the moment. I really must learn.)

However as this is an online forum, whilst informative, not really life changing. So I have never spoken to her. Others know more about her, and speak highly of her.

There have been other threads, asking the same questions. One is here http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/sugge...-director.html
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Old Aug 31, 13, 7:57 am
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I agree that year over year "active member" numbers would be nearly impossible to calculate, but I will reiterate what origin said, that the way to provide feedback on moderation is to send a PM to SanDiego1K, who is the Community Director.

That said, I would first try to contact the Moderator in question to see if your question(s) on moderation can be answered directly before trying the CD.
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Old Aug 31, 13, 8:37 am
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how many members think the moderator vs member processes is stacked so heavily in favor of the moderator that is not worth the effort for the member to even try and complain

similar to fighting a speeding ticket where the court is so heavily skewed towards favoring the cop that most people don't even try to fight the ticket

Rather the member just leaves instead
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Old Aug 31, 13, 8:39 am
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Since the OP's issue heavily surrounds moderation practice, the thread is outside of the TalkBoard scope. Please review lo2e's sage response.
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