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hhoope01 Aug 14, 12 11:19 am

Smaller Freq. Points Programs Option
A while back, I suggested the creation of the Group and Event Travel Planning forum. And while I still think it has definite value on FT, the number of posts/threads on it hasn't been what I thought might occur. I haven't given up hope for it yet though. ;)

I also noticed this thread this morning, I suspect that it would probably perform about like the Group Event Travel forum, at best and less traffic at worst.

But this got me thinking about alternatives. A while back the thread mentions the possibility of wiki posts. And I'm wondering if this is a perfect solution for these types of "smaller" forums.

I suspect there are probably a number of these "smaller" programs/topics that can easily get lost within MilesBuzz, CommunityBuzz or other forums. And instead of having a single "Master" thread for each of them, maybe a Wiki "Master" thread containing all of them would make finding and maintaining that information easier. The problem I see with a single "Master" thread containing these programs/topics is that asking a single person to keep it all up-to-date can be challenging. But using a Wiki post where mulitple persons could update the data, could make this a community effort rather than a burden on one or a few persons.


BTW, I've already created a FAQ thread in the Group and Event Travel Planning forum that would probably be perfect as the core for the Wiki info for that topic. It might need to be fleshed out with some text details though. All we would need is something similar for any other programs/topics we would want to add.

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