8. Name one other candidate for whom you will vote

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8. Name one other candidate for whom you will vote

What value does this person bring to FlyerTalk?
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My personal favorite is Canarsie. In addition to the countless hours he has volunteered to help FT succeed, he has been the driving force behind TalkMail. He and TalkBoard member bdschobel also pioneered the open thread for comments on their own moderation (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta...vacuation.html).

P.S. If you have not yet subscribed to TalkMail, I highly recommend you do so. It's how I learn about many changes, mostly adverse, outside my normal wanderings of FlyerTalk. It's also quite entertaining, puns and all.
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Not to sound cliquish; but nsx was the first person who came to my mind when I read this question before reading what he posted above.

In addition to knowing him in person and seeing his work as a moderator on FlyerTalk, I have also seen his work of assisting fellow FlyerTalk members in the Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards forum; as well as his efforts on TalkBoard in the past. From all of this, I know he has the best interest of FlyerTalk and its members in mind.

I also know MSPeconomist personally and will vote for her as well. It really makes a difference when you know someone in person as opposed to solely interacting with them or observing their contributions through FlyerTalk.

If you think this is unfair, then I recommend scouring the CommunityBuzz forum and attending any of the many upcoming gatherings of FlyerTalk members scheduled and meeting those who attend. For me, meeting FlyerTalk members in person has led to significantly positive results for me; and it possibly can for you too...

...and I am not exactly the sociable type, believe it or not...
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No, I don't see the point other than setting up blocs.
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I have enjoyed their contribution to the forums.
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I respectfully decline to publicly state any voting preference. Many of the candidates appear poised to bring significant leadership and experience to TB, however. I, like the rest of FT, look forward to watching the other candidates' platforms take shape over the coming days.
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I've been thinking about this, starting from two general principles:
--The spirit and rule of term limits are good for FlyerTalk and TalkBoard.
--It's not good for FlyerTalk and TalkBoard if TalkBoard is dominated by moderators.

However, I was very favorably impressed by the leadership skills demonstrated by nsx during his year as TalkBoard President. I've never met him in person, but he was very effective in creating a positive, productive, and collegial virtual working environment while gently guiding us to make contributions from our own perspectives and simultaneously urging us to pay careful attention to details.

I've met Canarsie at several DOs and recognize his significant sustained contributions to FlyerTalk, including his key role in initiating and organizing the DL ATL DO. I greatly respect his judgment, fairness, and perspective.

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