Question 6: FlyerTalk for new members

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Question 6: FlyerTalk for new members

Do you have any ideas that might make FlyerTalk less overwhelming to a new member?
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A better search function would be nice, and a continued expansion of Wikis. Some forums have the stickies of "New Here? Read this First!" or Newbie Forums for questions. An expansion of that would be great.

Hell, this is the Youtube age, maybe some members could make a video explaining the nuts and bolts of Flyertalk.

More ambassadors couldn't hurt either. We've come very far so far vis a vis new members and it makes me proud.
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I agree with CMK10 on all points.

And hey I was thinking about my kids in grade school. The first graders and second graders have buddies who are 5th graders. I know it could sound silly but maybe people who have been here a while could become buddies to help others along. Like maybe the new person fills out something about what they are seeking and the potential buddy offers up things he or she is good at and can help with. The match is made and then they can chat etc. I know there's PMs but those can be intimidating for new people sometimes... to PM a vet. So with the volunteer buddy program, you now feel more welcomed. And the person who is the vet buddy gets something like FT kudos for it... like, I dunno... maybe a get out of jail free pass if they are about to get booted they can use it to avoid that haha.

but seriously, some of what I am saying may have value for new people and those already here.

I get questions all the time on how to do this or that and what if this or that. Some of it I wish the people would just KNOW first before diving in and getting burned but they don't know to know!

An example? Well, at Walmart the highest you can do is $8,999.99 in a single transaction. And the most you can do in a split payment is 4 types of payments. If everyone MSing knew this going in, they would have less to worry about.

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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
Do you have any ideas that might make FlyerTalk less overwhelming to a new member?
More stickies, less snark! Help/No question is too dumb thread.
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I agree with all the previous posts and can't really add to them in a meaningful way.

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I agree with the others on the need for an improved search function and having Sticky threads that are maintained/current to help guide new folks, as well as those who have been around longer.

Will this resolve some of the repetitve questions completely? Probably not, but it could certainly help!
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First off, there is the Information Desk Forum and once that gets up and running, hopefully that will help steer new members in the direction they want.

I've also thought about perhaps after a new member has signed up, as part of their "welcome e-mail", they be sent a simple (n.b. simple) line item description of how F/t is broken down by main forum

Airlines: To discuss anything you want about Airlines and/or their loyalty program
Cars: To discuss anything you want about Hotels and/or their loyalty program
Car Rentals: To discuss anything you want about Car rental Companies and/or their loyalty program
Travel Safety & Security: To discuss anything you want about Travel Safety & Security

And so on by main forum or in simple terms, this* so new members know what is where. It's not perfect but it might help

*and not the link but the actual text
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Hopefully the new Information Desk will fix this.

If not, we'll need to fix the new Information Desk!
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I agree with others, the lack of an easy search function combined with a still building wiki database makes it tough on newbies. The ambassador program I don't even know was still around. I read about it but it never was evident when I came on board almost 5 years ago.

I would be in favor of an email with some brief links to some FAQ and Wilki's would be nice. I love the idea of someone doing a youtube video of FT functionality.
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There are quite a few things that can be done for new members. In general, the FT community is quite inviting to new members but there is still some hostility for repeated questions. I believe this can be resolved by creating a more in-depth FAQ in each forum. Of course there are already stickies out there, but most of them are out of date or just not detailed enough. This can be expanded more in depth and frequently updated.
Also every area should have a flame-free thread where new users (or even experienced ones) can post a question without a risk of getting told off. Sometimes one just doesn’t have the time to search (be it they are traveling and the limited search capabilities) and just needs a quick response or are just too nervous to post their question in a new topic.
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