Question 15: What motivates you to serve FlyerTalk?

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Question 15: What motivates you to serve FlyerTalk?

From a member:

Many of you running for election are relatively new to Talkboard discussions. A handful of you are regular contributors. Where do you hang out on FlyerTalk? For those new to posting in this forum, what makes you interested in serving FlyerTalk?
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I've been around FT since 2002, but only recently did I feel I had the expertise and, most importantly, the time, to serve on TalkBoard. FT has provided me with a lot of great travel insight and exposure to a lot of very interesting, unique (in a good way) people. I want to give some of that back now and I feel it's an ideal time to do so.
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I've been a member since 2004, but haven't felt like I had enough of an understanding about FlyerTalk to serve in any way.

In the past year or so, I've seen a lot of issues that have been brought up that either haven't been handled by FlyerTalk, or that have been handled but not necessarily to my satisfaction, and to what I think was the satisfaction of a large number of FlyerTalk members, so I decided that rather than complain about it, I'd try to do something about it.
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Iím running for TalkBoard because I believe I have something good to offer and after being a member of an incredible family for 7 years, itís time to get off the bench and into the goal crease to do my part. You'll find me mainly "loitering" in the United Airlines, Travel Safety & Security and Omni* forums with a side step to other forums like San Francisco, Travel Technology and Travel news to name a few.

*No, I'm not gonna tell you my political views-you're just gonna have to read for yourself
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I'm running as a lark. If I remember to I always throw my hat into the ring. I also like how "Talkboard Candidate" looks under my handle. Plus, it gives me a chance to flippant on these question things that I don't think people actually read. I will take it seriously if I win, but as I think there's so little chance of doing so (based on never winning before), I'm running my campaign the same way I did when I won as 10th Grade Class President, by being light, breezy and generally amused by everything.
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I am running for the TalkBoard because I want to build my credibility as a Frequent Flyer and Miles and Points expert so that when I start a blog and a business and then a competing board, everyone will already know and accept the kokonutz brand.

Oh, and also, I intend to parlay that into getting myself, my business partners and my friends top tier status in various programs!!!!

Bottom line: I am going to monetize the HELL out of this opportunity.

Won't you please help!?!?!?

Either that or because I see some stuff that's broken and think I can help fix it.

One of those....or is it BOTH!?!?

BWaaa HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

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Two reasons:

(1) I've had a great time over the past decade, both here on FT and out at DOs. FT is a great place.

(2) I, like koko, think some things are broken and need some repair. I feel the TB has become a marginalized entity who mainly votes on whether we should have a forum for XYZ Airline, or not.

TB could be and should be so much more -- it should be the place where a poster goes when they have ideas for FT. And TB should be actively and PUBLICLY working to represent regular users and make FT better.
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Miles and Points Passion

I'm running for TalkBoard because of my insatiable desire to contribute and fulfill a personal passion for miles and points..

My personal L/Earning process has accelerated incredibly since joining FlyerTalk.. It all started with that first redemption of Aeroplan Miles, that allowed for air travel.. the incredible feeling got me hooked 15 years ago.. and my lifelong dream to be able to stay as a customer at Banff Springs Hotel..

Growing up my family couldn't afford to stay in the nice 5 star hotels, and fly around to Disneyland or Disney World.. relegated to a lifestyle of stay at home vacations, I thought only the rich can participate in air travel and stay at nice hotels.. Now with Points and Miles, air travel and hotel stays are more affordable than ever before.. Its like a fire has been lit to a passion I've never dreamed of doing as a child growing up in the hood of Calgary. So I'm passionate to serve on TalkBoard because of my belief that with Miles and Points.. travel and hotels is more affordable than ever before. Dreams do come true with Miles and Points..

My experience as a business owner, would give corporate guidance and experience to the TalkBoard.. and build bridges that are necessary to help guide FlyerTalk and the commercial nature of the website.. My experience stems from being a previous owner of a publication called, Motor World, Calgary's Exclusive Dealer Magazine.. an automotive advertiser that is distributed throughout 700 locations in Calgary.. my relationships with car dealers drove the advertising for my publication business which I sold in 2003 to another private operator who has been operating the magazine to this day.. Around the same time, I started a Mortgage and Foreclosure Assistance company to this day currently operating. I'm also a landlord of apartments and commercial buildings, and we internally manage all of our properties..

I'm spending alot of time on FlyerTalk, so would love to contribute my advertising and corporate experience.. to the direction of the FlyerTalk community if voted in..
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1. I feel the need to serve Flyertalk. Since I have used so much information on this website, I feel that I have to repay the people of Flyertalk somehow. And I believe that this is the way to accomplish that since I don't post very often.

2. I feel a need for civic duty. I feel that I have a responsibility to help this great website by serving on the Talkboard.

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I started in 2010 strictly for TripReports. Later I moved into the Continental forum as that is my home carrier. I continued expanding to the United forums because of the merger.

Recently, I have looked at TravelBuzz, TrvelNews, Amtrak, and OMNI more and more.

I have decided to run for TalkBoard because I want to contribute more to FlyerTalk, and to give back for the great place to get information and a great place to meet great people.
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I'm running for Talkboard member. Because I join FT in Nov. 2005. This will be 6 years anniversary where I joined FTs back in 2005. I am still learning how to speak a English. I can readable the forum for everyday. It is an improvement that I speak very good English. I dislike from entire is no longer exist. This is in the past. From now on, I have to stay on FT for rest of my life. Ours members are appreciate for my contribution.

I am very valuable to post on FTs. I spent lots numerous of the times on FTs for everyday. I share more info about the airlines news and TSA, too. I hoping that I will be successful for my work with you. I can take care of those people. I can be more responsibilities work for moderator duty. I will take care of it. I am interest to join the Community Lounge, Delta Air Lines Lounge, too. I will decide to running for Talkboard member again and Hopefully if they will vote for me. I always be more supportive for Talkboard member.

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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
Many of you running for election are relatively new to Talkboard discussions. A handful of you are regular contributors. Where do you hang out on FlyerTalk? For those new to posting in this forum, what makes you interested in serving FlyerTalk?
As a TalkBoard member for the last year and a half and contributor to TalkBoard topics for well before that, I'll focus on the bolded part above.

The bulk of my posts has probably been in the following few forums:

  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (my home program and also the place I've met some of my best friends on FlyerTalk)
  • The various car rental forums (I have interest in and experience with this industry)
  • The Alaska destination forum (some of my longest and most detailed posts are here!)

If I list the forums I currently subscribe to in MyFlyerTalk, perhaps that will give you a little inside look at where my interests lie. (I am, of course, by no means restricted to just the following forums, but I do glance in these most often.)

Mileage Run Deals
Mileage Run Discussion
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
American AAdvanage
United Mileage Plus
American Express Membership Rewards
Other Car Rental Programs/Partners
Amtrak Guest Rewards
Travel Technology
Travel Photography
Travel News
Travel Safety/Security
Online Travel Booking and Bidding Agencies
Budget Travel
European Rail Travel
Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York City
Trip Reports
TalkBoard Topics
Technical Issues

I'm passionate about my home program and home state, and I enjoy sharing my expertise in the corner of the travel industry I have the most familiarity with. I also enjoy learning about and sharing my knowledge of other destinations I travel to frequently or have lived in the past. And as you can see from the list above, I also enjoy discussing things involving a technical side, such as travel technology and online travel agencies as well as technical discussion and suggestions involving bettering FlyerTalk.

And although the question seemed worded to ask this information of some of the newer TalkBoard candidates, I'll say that my primary interest in serving FlyerTalk is because I enjoy giving back to this community that has become such a key part of my life. FlyerTalk has become far more than a website I check a few times a day; it's become an entire way of life, whether it's because of the friendships I've developed here or the mindset I've adopted about travel. I want to ensure that FlyerTalk remains the leading place to discuss miles, points, and travel and continues to better itself by serving both the existing community and new members in the best way possible.

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I got hooked on contributing to FlyerTalk because it was fun being the guy with the answers about Southwest and Rapid Rewards. I was more a taker than a contributor in MilesBuzz, although I did have a founding role in the US Savings Bond bonanza. Many years later I used PMs to keep the more sensitive parts of the CO>Amtrak>Choice>Southwest gravy train rolling for our members. It's a blast helping people rack up extraordinary numbers of miles and points.

My earliest service to FlyerTalk was to use PMs to persuade people to deescalate arguments in the Southwest forum. This was in the years the forum was not moderated. I became a moderator solely for the ability to manage a sticky FAQ thread in the Southwest forum. Traffic later grew to the point where moderation was actually needed, although PMs and persuasion are still the primary tools I use.

Did I run for TalkBoard because I had too much time on my hands, to gratify my ego, as the next Elite level for a guy who flies an airline that had no Elite program, or just to be helpful? It must have been all of the above. Most importantly I saw a high level of acrimony on the TalkBoard several years ago and I was confident that I could help improve that situation.

It wasn't particularly my doing, but any of the TalkBoard members will tell you today that internal discussions are calm and productive, and that there are no personal feuds of any sort. I regard this state of affairs as ideal for generating high-quality results. Others may prefer more drama, and as long as the TalkBoard only has one or two such people they can promote greater involvement and more action. My ideal TalkBoard would have one inveterate pot stirrer and 8 sober types, with all 9 of us being fully engaged on every important issue. But enough of that digression.

What I have to offer is a continuation of the collegial TalkBoard where proposals are internally vetted to make them as good as possible before the voting begins. Where consensus does not exist, we will normally wait for a new idea or a fresh perspective that can win 2/3 approval.

Although I can help with this, I do not claim to be essential in this process. Far from it. I expect the collegial TalkBoard environment to continue for several more years regardless of who is elected. In part this is due to the degree to which FT has settled on a configuration that works so well for everyone. In part it's due to the superb crop of current TB members and candidates that we have. Voters could choose five of the candidates at random and I would still have high confidence in the new TalkBoard.

FlyerTalk isn't broken. Vote for me and I promise not to break it.
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I am probably one of the "newest" members running for Talkboard with almost 8 months of frequent daily use, though I did lurk for 5 years but was too scared to participate as I felt it was quite US based at the time, and I was learning and taking it all in on my own.

I read and comment on only a few forums: Millemiglia, Virgin Velocity, Travel Buzz, Luxury Travel, Trip Reports, Women Travellers, and a few others here and there.

I would like to think my contribution can be valuable for a few reasons.

1. I do not know anyone personally and have no pre conceived ideas of people/politics/discussions from the past etc
2. I don't live in the USA. While it is the most important destination in the world, I feel living elsewhere does give me a different perspective and other ideas and knowledge from being "out of the loop" so to speak.
3. I have had horrible members post short and rude responses and don't ever want to see it happen to other new members
4. I am big in supporting all cultures and learning about other countries and nationalities
5. Being from Australia, I do have different travel knowledge, ideas, and changes that could prove useful to the community as a whole in the future.
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I love FlyerTalk. Before this site, I would of never thought about credit card bonuses, promotional codes, and trip reports. This is why I want to serve the community of FlyerTalk. I am usually hanging out in, United, Trip Reports, Miles&More, and MilesBuzz.
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