Question 4: FlyerTalk as a "global" frequent traveller community

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Good point. It sort of reminds me of how child seat threads have always gone. A person will post a question about flying to Europe or Asia from the US. US centric fliers will immediately start posting things like "you shouldn't be cheap by carrying your infant for free, and instead buy a seat", or "there are no bassinets on a/c" and many threads are wasted until the realize that they are posting false information.

Anyhow, back to the subject:

Until automatic translation software gets much better, and it is every month, I do not think many different language forums should be made unless they were totally different sites (which would not be a bad idea for Randy or someone else to do). Quite frankly the concerns of the Chinese national chinese flier who flies only domestically are not that relevent to the rest of the world, nor would they be worthwhile to read in English. The international business language is English, and you tend to find that many FF's from around the world irrespective of their first language do find FT if it interests them.

The fact that some FT'ers seem to get their entire foreign exposure from FT is scary, but that's the way it goes.

I would give Accor a forum, this is not the early days when one had to "subscribe" to every forum, all Frequent Ft members have "My FT" and only generally subscribe to what interests them, so there is no harm whatsoever in creating such a forum. Accor is primarily in Europe? Great, so is a significant chunk of FT membership, so what is the problem, hell we used to have a forum for Adams Mark, or whatever it was called.
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