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Originally Posted by RichMSN View Post
There are other candidates I think are wonderful people and members, but I won't vote for them because they are moderators of FT. As I mentioned before, FT needs to be more inclusionary, from using more moderators (nobody needs to moderate more than one forum, for example) and having different people volunteer to be on things such as TB. Just my personal preference, to be certain, but that does guide my viewpoint and my vote. It is frequently mentioned that FT has 169K members (or something like that). So why then do we need to have people wearing 2, 3, or even 4 hats, when there are passionate, loyal people looking for opportunities to volunteer?
I appreciate your candor. Oddly enough, I disagree.

OK, I disagree with some of what you said above. I support you 100% on FT being more inclusionary. I just don't see how a member volunteering for more than one activity is a bad thing. If someone wanted to come along and moderate one of the forums on my list, I'd be happy to have the help or step aside if that was the right thing for FT.

I'm glad to see a ton of people running for TB. Plenty of new faces, which is great. But I'd like to think that I provide a valuable service to the community. Volunteering for more than one activity shouldn't make me less qualified to be on TB.
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I'd like to thank everyone for reading and for their consideration. I appreciate the endorsements I've received from some very kind people. There are, alas, too many other quality candidates for me to make any endorsements of my own.
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Originally Posted by Spiff View Post
There are, alas, too many other quality candidates for me to make any endorsements of my own.
That's Spiff's way of saying he voted for me.

Well Spiff, I too voted this day and besides your good self, bhatnasx and PTravel received my vote.
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Good luck to everyone in this election !

I dont think personal endorsements are really necessary (at least from my point of view) as I believe every candidate will put his best effort into this.

I promise the FT community to bring some fresh blood into the Talk Bord and that alone is worth alot if you monitor developments over a time. Things start to just "keep going" without much obvious effort from the leadership. Not only & necessarily on FT but we see these things in daily life !

Also thanks to Randy for his friendly words in the email we all recieved.



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I think I am the most outspoken candidate who wants to recreate a mega forum, where nothing is OT (expect inappropriate comments) and more people meet and interact.

There are other subtleties to my platform, but I think this is a big differentiating factor.

  • I am frustrated that FT is so compartmentalized that's it's sometimes hard to get a good answer to an obscure question.

  • I am tired of people saying to others that a comment is OT or telling people to go search and find an answer, when they could have answered themselves in nano-second, and when searching is oftentimes ineffective and answers can be old and/or buried in long threads.

  • I am dismayed about the bickering and hostility that erupts in what should be such a civil environment and positive experience.

And I want to do something about it.

If you agree, please vote for me.

If not, let's just agree to disagree.
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To fellow candidates: I wish you good luck, and may the best four win.

To everyone: Thanks for taking the time to read this forum and, hopefully, reading the questions that were answered in other threads in this forum. If you haven't read the answers from everyone, I highly encourage you to do so.

In those answers, there's a very wide approach to answering the questions that were posed. Some of the answers were more self-serving and some were made to "baffle you with BS."

What's up to you is to deem whether the answers were in the best interest of the candidates themselves or in the best interest of TalkBoard, and ultimately, FlyerTalk.

I hope you will agree my answers are very straightforward and my brand of thinking seen in those answers will demonstrate a clear and concise fashion in how I will serve TalkBoard and FlyerTalk.

Thank you for reading, and I kindly ask for your vote.
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My stump speech is not going to make me very popular, but these are issues that I feel quite strongly about and truly believe that FT would be a better place if implemented.

If elected, I promise to propose and campaign for TalkBoard resolutions on the following issues :

a) Eliminating the OMNI forum.
b) Reversing the TalkBoard guidelines requiring members suspended for 30-days to be removed
c) Eliminating post counts entirely
d) Eliminating custom titles (eg. Evangelist, etc...)
e) Eliminating signature files

If you agree with the above points, you really need vote for me as your minority voice will be vociferously represented.

If you disagree with the above, don't waste your vote on me as I will probably play politics to obstruct motions that run contrary to the above issues from passing.

I would also urge everyone NOT to vote for those candidates who already hold office as appointed moderators. I view FlyerTalk as having a tricameral governance system with TalkBoard serving as Legislative, Moderators as Judicial and Randy/IB as Executive branches respectively. There is an inherent conflict of interest when the same entities hold both Legislative and Judicial power.

Good luck to the other candidates and I urge those who actually do get elected not to forget about the minority voices of dissent that have tried to speak up during our unsuccesful campaigns.
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Good luck to all!
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I hadn't posted till now but wanted to wish all candidates good luck
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