Question 20: Unique Talent Contributions

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Question 20: Unique Talent Contributions

This question submitted by member Punki:
What unique talents do you bring to the table and how do you believe that those talents will enrich TalkBoard?
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Originally Posted by flyertalk View Post
This question submitted by member Punki:
What unique talents do you bring to the table and how do you believe that those talents will enrich TalkBoard?

Yet again I find some of these questions rather strange and even though its only one sentance it could take a while to answer it fully.

What unique talents do you think are needed for Talkboad? How can I tell how my talents can help TB, I dont know what is required from them and I would offer help in anyway that I thought as I was more than cabpable of doing and completing.

I have many talents that are unique, I can read morse code at 20wpm, is that any good for TB, nope dont think so. Once on TB I would think that everyone would find their place and between the TB members they will find out what each person can do.

Each case may be differant and with that in mind diffrant skills maybe called on, so its hard to pinpoint one skill.
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A decent sense of humor and a willingness to listen. I'd like to think that both can help facilitate getting work done.

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I have the time, energy and enthusiasm to continue to serve on TalkBoard and address the issues that face FlyerTalk.

As well as the ability to think creatively, work with the other members as a team player and to devote whatever resources are necessary to make FlyerTalk just a bit better tomorrow than it was today.

And I identify with my buddy skofarrell's comments on sense of humor and willingness to listen. I believe I share these traits as well.
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I enjoy FT, truly *love* the community. I don't see too many negatives, even during bitter discussions.

I've sat as a trustee on association boards in the past, and have extensive experience working towards consensus.

I believe in promoting a higher level of interaction from the community as a whole to make sure the right decisions are being made. I don't pretend to know what is best for the community.

However, I do want to hear what the community thinks is best, and then act on that direction.
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A love of Flyertalk and 6.5 years as a passionate member of the community.

Experience and context, I've served four years as a TalkBoard member and two as TalkBoard President. Sometimes it's good to keep folks around with an institutional memory of where we've been as we talk about where we're going.

An understanding and appreciation of miles and points, the ability to drive forward an agenda (I serve as a corporate officer at work, I am chairman of an influential non-profit, and am even willing to slog through as treasurer of my homeowners association).

But most of all a love of the game, a passion for the latest and greatest best deals, and a desire to grow and improve the community for myself and everyone else who comes here to talk travel.
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I am a sports official in football, basketball, and baseball. In those environments, I deal with conflict on a regular basis.

I do not shy away from conflict, but I do recognize where it exists and try to work best I can in those environments.

So, can I be argumentative? Certainly. Am I skilled a recognizing conflict and working through it with no to minimal damage while trying to build consensus? I do it all the time.
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I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and, gosh darn it, people like me!
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I have ideas for every situation. Some of them are good, some merely bizarre, but they all advance the discussion. At work I'm known as an idea guy, and I hold 20 US patents so far.

I enjoy predicting unintended consequences of changes, using a game theory perspective and considering human nature.

I can write concise and persuasive posts and PMs. I can work with anyone constructively.

I'm not a "Type A" team leader, but I am a very good peacemaker. It would appear from this campaign that we could use one of those.

I like to lighten things up with humor when the discussion gets too heated. I never flame anyone. Just like gleff, I wouldn't be ashamed to have every PM or email I've ever written published in the paper. Well, except some of the racier ones.
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Out of the box thinking, a healthy dose of willfulness and a keen level of empathy that definitely helps when working with someone of opposing viewpoint.
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My unique talent is that I am remarkably ordinary, average in every way. I address issues the way most of my peers would likely respond.
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A great sense of humor, always being cheerful and caring about others.

As an IRS tax auditor, I got compliments from taxpayers saying how nice an audit they had! (Hey - isn't that an oxymoron? )
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Unique Talent

I'm a broadcast meteorologist, a fancy term for tv/radio weatherman. In addition to on-air work, I also work in print and online media.

Whether it's David Letterman grilling me on his late-night show or I'm the one doing the grilling with celebrities like Jay Leno, Demi Moore, or Courtney Love, in off-beat entertainment reports when the weather is light, it's all about effective listening and effective communication.

On FlyerTalk, I bring the same skills here. With a cool temper and great sense of humor, I'd effectively listen to all ...and then clearly communicate what's what...without insulting, intimidating, annoying, or pandering to those involved in a debate.

I want to use my communication skills to enhance and empower the community at large, and facilitate debate and discussion within the TalkBoard arena.
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I don't think that I can claim love for Flyertalk, devotion (5+ years as a mod), experience (the post count), or love for points and miles as "unique" among this crowd, so let me be a bit contrarian (at least in terms of the existing answers).

My job involves a dangerous combination of technology and process and people. In essence, I have to be able to timeshare my brain on many levels--from the kind of "nerd knob" stuff that the technical folks at Internet Brands and the HOM do to keep FT running, all the way up to process design, mergers, acquisitions and such and how the all interrelate. And then building consensus within various stakeholder groups to move things along, such as it is.

I see the Talkboard as a really good opportunity to putting those unique skills to work: trying to build processes that work and that a large group of stakeholders (both the other Talkboard members--but more importantly, all FT members) can agree upon--with the understanding of how to do all of this without breaking the underlying social and/or technology bits. I see the latter as pretty important, since FT is largely about the underlying social and technology bits .

On the less useful side, I've also survived a 5 hour transcon in F with kokonutz followed by a night of what can best be described as "moderate imbibing" at one of the Sea-Do's, so I can also make claim to a fairly healthy (some might even say professional grade) and functioning liver . I have won bets on football with no less than two former Talkboard members and one other FT member who has to be hating this year's NFL season. I have done the Redhook brewery tour with at least 4 (and maybe 5) current or former Talkboard members (and probably a hundred other FT members--at least).

Kidding aside, I think we need to focus on unique talents--I think there are very few people who would run for Talkboard who don't have miles and points and making Flyertalk a better place on their mind.

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Originally Posted by ClueByFour View Post
I've also survived a 5 hour transcon in F with kokonutz
Say no more, bro.

That alone earns both my vote and my eternal sympathy.
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