Question 22: Time on FlyerTalk

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Question 22: Time on FlyerTalk

This question was asked by scoow:
I appreciate the commitment each of the candidates is willing to make to serve on TalkBoard. (Yes, I do realize that each of you has a life offline.) However, I am curious as to how much time you currently spend on FT. I understand you may not post every time you log-in (though some of you may), and travel/life can cause variations, but on average do you check-in daily, weekly, or once a month? How many forums do you read regularly?
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I check in daily and being in a profession that involves heavy computer usage (good for building muscles), I am online quite a lot.

I'd say I read about 15-20 forums with reasonable regularity.
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I check in daily, several times a day.

Currently, I susbscribe to 27 forums, though I only check half those regularly. Some of them are on the list for ease of access when I do want/need to check them.

Every now & then I enter through the forums link so I can see all of them just to check out what's going on.
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Several times a day when I'm not traveling/on client sites. In hotels at night when I do travel. I am in a computer field and work from a home office when I'm not traveling. I'm on my own network, so nobody sits and tracks my Internet usage

Currently, I subscribe to eight forums: Northwest, Marriott, Travel Technology, TravelBuzz, Only Randy Peterson (when it's not hiding ), Travel Safety & Security, TalkBoard Topics, and OMNI. I also look at (and will someday add to my list) Hertz, Avis, American Express, Hilton, Delta, and Continental, along with some of the Community forums.
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I check every day, many, many times.
Currently, around 6 forums, and a few others I read every so often. I usually post daily, and most active on the United.

Look how fast all of us responded to this question
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I ususally browse the forums daily, several times a day at random as time allows.

There are 20 forums in my subscription list, but a couple times a week I'll scan other forums for items of interest.
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I don't really use MyFlyertalk, so don't have a subscription list. I have about half a dozen forums I check in on several times a day, and then probably another dozen which get read on anything from a daily basis to a couple of times a week - it often depends how much traffic they get as to how often I look at them.

Oh, and I'm on FT pretty much on a daily basis I'm one of those you find chewing their nails to the quick when it's down
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I'm on here several times a day - it's the first thing I do in the morning & often times the last thing I do at night. I'm on here on weekdays & weekends. I do travel quite a bit - almost every other week if not weekly - so being on the road, FT's a great home away from home. The only days that I don't get on FlyerTalk is when I'm on a longhaul trip or on a vacation or trip where I won't have internet access. When I'm out, I always inform my fellow Mileage Run & Budget Travel moderators that I'll have limited access to FlyerTalk during this time & would afford the same respect to my fellow TB Members if elected.

I'd like to think that no one running for TalkBoard only checks in weekly or once a month.

As for the forums that I read - there's about 20 or so that I regularly check out - although I don't post in all 20 of them...
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I check in multiple times per day when not busy, try to at leat one time a day when not busy, often post, but sometimes do not if I feel that I have nothingvaluable to say/add. The only times I go w/o FT is either when very busy and travelling or when I take a short break with the family and my wife and I promise eachother to try to avoid computers, blackberrys, etc for as long as possible, rarely lasts more than a few days.
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I check in when I first do my internet cycle in the morning (FT gets started while email is processing) and I usually do a late evening cycle before bed. Everything in between then depends on where I am (home, office, traveling) and what my access to FT is. I do sometimes access FT from my BlackBerry (although its more difficult to actually post from there sometimes!) and I've had days at work where I've been continually logged in with a window minimized (FT is *great* when on conference calls!)

I have close to 20 forums on my subscriptions list - and there are a number of other forums that I check on a regular basis. I also love clicking on random threads that show up on the main log in page - I find new delights almost daily!
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I check FT in the morning, I check FT at night. I check FT in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright;I check FT in time of peace, and twice in time of war. I check FT before I check FT, and then I check twice more.
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Just checking MyFlyerTalk, I see that I subscribe to 27 forums - including two private forums - one for the Talkboard and one for the Moderators.

When I log on, I attempt to check all forums... in this order:

TalkTeam Forum
TalkBoard Forum
TalkBoard Topics - moderator
Coupon Connection - moderator
all other Travel related forums

When in town, I attempt to check in a few times a day... if sitting at home... maybe more.

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FlyerTalk is my "home" website, so it automatically opens whenever I get on line. I generally go from there straight to "My FlyerTalk". I am subscribed to 12 forums. In short, I spend a heck of a lot of time on F/T.

This, of course, is subject to change. If my UIG (Used Italian Girlfriend) is in Israel, or if I am visiting her in Milan or Lugano, my time on line drops sharply.

On the other hand, when the fighting broke out here I was spending an incredible amount of time on F/T. PMs were coming in from all over the world, both from veteran F/Ters and newbies, and I tried my best to give each a personal response. Moreover, when I didn't post for a few hours I apparently started a panic which resulted in MapleLeaf waking me up from a badly needed sleep to ask if I was alive.

(I checked my pulse before giving him an answer.)
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I login a few times a day and when connected to the internet I always have a quick look at whats going on, its a bit like an addiction at times.

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I check the forums several times a week. I do not think that we should be down on a candidate because we don't think they are currently 'in' the forums enough. If you are following my candidacy you have already read what forums interest me, check them out.
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