Question 17: What Should Members Be Asking About?

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Question 17: What Should Members Be Asking About?

This question was asked by Shuttle-Bored:
Much of the discussion thus far has been bogged down in talk of moderation, a topic which generally falls outside TalkBoard's remit. What do you think are the key things which people should be asking about, which are within TB's remit, and which those being elected will have a chance to influence?
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I've been giving it some thought, and I really can only think of one item that is not already covered. That item is the Terms of Service. As Dov indicated in another post, ToS does fall under the scope of the TalkBoard. I suppose we could be addressing our feelings about the ToS and if tweaking needs to be made (I tend toward ToS's current incarnation seeming to be OK at the moment), but I will allow other TB candidates (or readers) to decide if ToS is worthy of another thread, as I have already instigated two threads, and I'd like to share the wealth.

Otherwise, here is what, IMHO, is covered elsewhere in this forum:
  • Our contributions to FlyerTalk
  • Our ideas, plans, or platform for FlyerTalk and TalkBoard
  • Communication between TalkBoard and the rest of the community
  • Various TalkBoard procedures and policies
  • OMNI

Seems pretty comprehensive to this candidate.
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I think we are starting to get a broader diversity of questions asked, as more interested members join the party as it were Initially, there definitely was a bias in the questions towards asking about moderation, which ran the risk that's all we'd end up talking about, which means we end up getting elected on our views on moderation... which have absolutely no bearing on the current Talkboard remit

empedocles has neatly summed up what has been discussed so far, at least into broad categories. Personally, I would have expected more on communications between TB and members (often seen as an area of weakness), and also TB rules, policies and procedures - one subject which got raised recently on TB itself was the fact there is no quorum required to pass a vote, just a simple 2/3rds majority - so that in theory one person voting yes, and 8 abstaining could pass a proposal. OTOH, I suspect discussing those kinds of things is rather less entertaining than discussions on moderation
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Actually, as Jenbel said, there is one other topic that is near and dear to my heart, and is listed in my TalkBoard application: TalkBoard Vote Policy.

I started a thread here a month ago that sums up my position nicely. However, I also realize that the current voting regulations are most likely the best solution to TalkBoard voting, and have no real improvements to offer. Thus, I advocate more judicious use of the Abstention, which should only really be used in the event a TalkBoard member needs to recuse her/himself from a vote due to a conflict-of-interest. This will minimize the instances of a resolution passing with a small “Yes" vote total.
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People should be asking questions that are relevant to them. TalkBoard is an advisory group that represents the membership. I don't have any one specific campaign "promise" or anything like that - I'm here to represent the general membership of FlyerTalk.
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I know it's going to sound like I'm parroting bhatnasx, but I think it's a very personal thing and everybody will have their own questions.

I'm happy to answer any question posted by any FT member to the best of my ability, of course.
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I think that perhaps they should ask about our ideas for broadening and deepening FT's focus and content.
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I believe members should be asking whatever questions that will help them make an informed decision on who they wish to represent them on the Talkboard.

What would make the Flyertalk experience better for a member? Ask how a Talkboard member how they could help.

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Well sorry to say that I disagree with Shuttle-Bored (appology in advance) and I don’t think that the discussion has been bogged down with regards talk of moderation. The questions have been good, some excellent but they have been varied. As we know moderation is always a “Hot Potato.

People will ask what they want to ask and Randy will post the questions for the candidates to answer, we might think that some of them are irrelevant or some are heavily loaded but I will not suggest what questions other FlyerTalk members should post, that is upto to the individual member. There is no need to spoon feed them at all.

In 2005 Elections we had 18 questions, so far in this election discussion we have had 21 and I am sure that we will get a lot more before the end of the campaign.

I think this is FANTASTIC as folk are taking part and this is what it’s all about at the end of the day. The “Community” is asking the questions.

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I think that Bhatnasx answer mirrors mine. Ask what ever you want as a general member. We are running to represent you.
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Rather than dictating the policies or platforms for TalkBoard for the next two years, I think members should be telling US what they think is important. I find it very encouraging that there are 21 questions posted at this point (two days into the debate period) and many topics covered. To me, TalkBoard is about representing the needs of the members, not dictating platforms and forcing the members to choose the ones they like best. I think members should ask questions to find candidates they think will do the best job of taking THEIR issues to the TalkBoard for the two years of their term!
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Members should be asking about anything they feel would improve FlyerTalk that is within the scope of the TalkBoard.
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  • How we can help FT grow.
  • What we would do for the community.
  • Would we always be there, giving FT the priority it needs and not just "forgetting" about it?
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I think members should be asking about what is important to them, what gives them pause or concern. Don't run with the cattle, bust out and tell us what's on your mind and what you want to know.
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Originally Posted by Spiff
Members should be asking about anything they feel would improve FlyerTalk that is within the scope of the TalkBoard.
What he said
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