Question 16: What's Long Overdue?

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Question 16: What's Long Overdue?

This question from sobore:
What change to Flyertalk do you feel has been long overdue?
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I'd love to see an update Search function - I do know that the folks at WebFlyer are working on this.

I'd also love to see some member-type discounts - such as a Hertz CDPs for FlyerTalkers or something of that nature. We're a large enough group of travelers that we could have some sort of buying power within the travel industry.
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Open deliberation by the TB.
Government travel forum.
Mens travel forum.

I would make a motion for all three of those (in that order) on my first day on the TB.
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An Alitalia forum to help me find good deals on flying to Milan to visit my girlfriend.

Also, any forum at all which will show me how to get Michelle Pfeiffer to agree to visit me.
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Nothing overdue per se. I think that there are a few new technological bells and whistels that could be added but they are not crucial or time sensitive.
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I do believe - as mentioned before - that we should do something to leverage our numbers... discounts on airlines, hotels, car, etc.

I believe it is overdue to get airline executives and hotel executives to again take part in chat sessions on Flyertalk. I am still waiting for United to reschedule the session they cancelled around 9/11. I think we have a powerful voice but we have to exercise it regularly.

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Well I agree about the search facility needing a bit of work on it but again that takes time and people to help do it. Itís beyond my capabilities or I would offer to help.

As for anything else well I donít actually think anything else is overdue, things will come and go, items discussed, suggestions put forward etc.

There will be constant changes going.

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Stricter policing of negative comments. This is supposed to be a flyer forum, not a war zone. We need a few more "time outs" for personal attacks. We are supposed to be helping one another. I have found that the more senior members have a little more tact in reprimanding.
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I somewhat like what FlyerTalk is - so I don't think anything is "overdue". That said, I'd like to see FT continue to progress toward open and inclusive governance, a tone of civility that welcomes new members, and an evolving structure that continues to serve members with more longevity.
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A TalkBoard Lounge.

Nothing is long overdue, but there are usually improvement possibilities that present themselves from time to time.
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Search function. Other than that, I don't see any changes that are long overdue.
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So, has anyone mentioned search yet?
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Originally Posted by empedocles
So, has anyone mentioned search yet?
I haven't only because I have knowledge of the pending upgrade to the software that will add some capabilities to the existing resources.
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Better searching would be my thing, although it's been covered pretty thoroughly.

I'm happy with FT. Nothing seems "overdue" although the TB should (and does) look for ways to improve the user experience.
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Not so much long overdue, but possibly 'nice to have' - improving the suport for how dos are organised (I know, I realise I'm very obsessed with dos at the moment - believe me, by next week, when it's all over and everyone is on their way home again, I'll be recovered ). But there are literally hundreds of events organised across the course of a year, which probably thousands of people attend - and it's pretty much all done by us volunteers, trying our best to sort out things around our day jobs (atlhough for London, we've had some great sponsorship and prizes donated as well ). Finding the mollyguard/eventbrite online software was a major thing for the London do, and it has been snapped up by another couple of organisers. There must be other, just as useful, resources out there which it would be possible to find and use (even if just to be listed somewhere in a do resource list or something like that). Even the little things, like using FT logos on badges and other event related items - I got my clean copy of the logo from another FT organiser, who I think got it from HOM and will no doubt provide it to others as needed - the problems of contact many people at once using PMs (there were many reasons SanDiego1K did all the major pm-ing, and one of them was to do with the number of PMs she could send out at once, compared with either me and Wingnut), and ensuring that those contacted had actually seen the communications.

Maybe it's time we started to formalise the do organisation network, so that those of us old hands can help the new, enthusiastic people, by sharing our combined wit, wisdom and experience (or something like that ) Having three of us organising for London has been good, because we've been bouncing ideas of each other, to work out what will work and what won't, which only improves the experience for the users who attend. Being able to pick the brains of other experienced organisers, and those who are inexperienced, but may have some great ideas about what and how to do dos could be extremely beneficial.

I think, when this do is all over, I need to go away and think about this some more - it's almost a new forum request, but could also be more. Certainly, one could see a case for a different class of FT use - Do organiser, with subtlely different settings on PM sending for example to make their life easier
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