Question 13: Life After Politics

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Question 13: Life After Politics

This question comes from More Champagne Sir?:
What will you do if you don't get elected to the 2006 TalkBoard?
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Well, if I were a Donkey or Elephant, I would whine that I was robbed by the other party...

Since I am not, life will go on. I will continue what I have been doing: posting when I have something to add to the discussion, following what the TalkBoard is doing, continuing my participation in the DFW Monthly Gatherings, and looking forward to the 2007 TalkBoard election.
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Thankful for the opportunity to run and express my opinions. And grateful for all the travel opportunities the elected members will help facilitate in my future.

FlyerTalk Rocks and I'm thrilled to be a involved as general member or TalkBoard member. FlyerTalk has improved the quality of our (Katy and My) lives. If the membership votes otherwise, it won't change my opinion one bit.
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If not elected, I will continue my immoral, lustful, chasing after most of the F/T women.

Of course, I will do the same even if I am elected.
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"The same thing we do every night Pinky - Try to take over the world!"
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Same thing I've done the past two years where I wasn't elected...continue to serve FlyerTalk & its members & be an active member of the communit & maybe run again next year.

Two years ago, when I ran, I believe I got a decent number of votes, but I still only had about a year & half on FT, so I didn't expect to have much of a chance.

Last year, there was a very heated race for TB & there were three members running that had over 25,000 posts running - I was one of the runner-ups & would have gotten at TB position had another member resigned or been removed from TalkBoard.

Am I bitter about not winning for 2 years? Not at all - I'm still here & if I win this year, great - if not, then it's not the end of the world. I had an interesting conversation with another FlyerTalker last week - he was telling me that I have to be willing to fight & do what it takes to get this position on the TalkBoard - I don't personally believe that. I think if I stand up for what I believe in, then the voters will vote. If I'm not the best candidate or within the Top 5, then I'll be okay with that - that means that the voters will have chosen whom they feel is the best - and if by not serving on TalkBoard, then that may mean that I'm still serving the interests of FT, by not serving.

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What did John McCain say?

Wait, wrong election.

I'll survive, I'm sure and I'll continue to be a member of FT.
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Firstly, thank my supporters for their amazing support
Secondly by then I'll be looking to finalise the January do details
Thirdly, continue to travel, and contribute my 2p worth to FT

But then I would have done all of those regardless of the result. I'll be disappointed if not elected, but only a small group of us can be and it's up to them out there who is
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Originally Posted by Randy Petersen
This question comes from More Champagne Sir?:
What will you do if you don't get elected to the 2006 TalkBoard?
I will just continue with keep the master Promos/Codes thread going in the IC Forum.

Keep on helping/debate/discussing and might if I pick up the courage take another look at Omni but during daylight hours.

Having fun in FlyerTalk and the one that I cant believe that anyone has mentioned YET...getting ready for Xmas

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I will continue to behave exactly as I do today, trying to give back something of what I've gained over the last 8 years from FT.
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Run and cry to momma, same as always!
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As everyone else I would continue my life and FT life as is.
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I will continue to add value to Flyertalk in whatever way I can.

I will still coordinate the Secret Santa.

I will continue to moderate as long as Randy approves.

I will continue to do what I can to enhance the experience for all members.

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If I am not re-elected, I will continue to contribute to FlyerTalk in all the other ways that I currently do.
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Lobbyist with a 7-figure salary.
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