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Clarification regarding my (non) participation in the Talkboard election debates...

Clarification regarding my (non) participation in the Talkboard election debates...


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Clarification regarding my (non) participation in the Talkboard election debates...

I had hoped to not have to explain my reasoning behind my actions but since [there is] incorrect information about me I feel I have a right to set the record straight.

I did not participate in the Talkboard 10 day debates for the following reasons:

1) I saw many new members run in the elections and many had a much lower profile than I have, not to mention a much lower post count. I felt that these new members deserved more attention than myself, and in my opinion this worked just fine, as several very new members managed to get themselves a decent amount of votes, kudos to them.

2) I felt that people should vote for who I am, what I have done on the board for them, and how (if at all) I have ever been able to help them. Whether it was answering a technical question, helping them get a cheap fare through the "farealert" service I help operate or through my many threads in the BA board. I did not feel that I wanted people to vote for me based on my verbal and debating skills over a 10 day period, I didn't join FT to talk politics, and quite frankly I'd make a pretty poor politician as I don't like cheap tricks and negative campaigns.

3) I set aside a fixed amount of time each day to be on Flyertalk; I felt that dividing that time between my volunteer moderator duties and answering questions in the boards I moderate was more important.

So; there you have it, from the one and only source that is at liberty to tell you, I did not ignore people because I was arrogrant, I did not ignore you because I was lazy. I simply chose to let others be in the spotlight and spend my FT time in different ways.

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