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Kerstin Ruf Sep 8, 05 9:15 am

STC will be terminated in 2Q 2006
It is nothing new, but as you continual dreaming how to save STC, here are facts:

As expected

M&M will be the FFP of LX, STC will be terminated in 2Q 2006.

LH is very generous, goes the extra mile and let you transfer your STC miles in M&M miles 1:1.

STC members will be informed about this decision next month.

rorschi Sep 8, 05 9:50 am

Hello Kerstin,

may I ask you for the source where you have this "facts" from?

LH is very generous, goes the extra mile and let you transfer your STC miles in M&M miles 1:1.

Indeed very generous. Now I need 50K for an upgrade to the far east, then 65 K miles. Or 40K for a European same-day-roundtrip instead of 20K...

Once again, if this becomes true, I will no more care for the FFP when I book my flights, and hope that Helvetic or Air Berlin will soon fly ZRH-MUC...


Pocoloco Sep 8, 05 10:25 am

Kerstin, do you happen to know if TC Gold Members will become Senators automatically? Thanks

Kerstin Ruf Sep 8, 05 11:01 am

@ Pocoloco: Your STC Gold status will be matched into M&M SEN (= *G) status, valued for two (!) years. STC Silver status → M&M FTL (= *S).

@ rorschi: You are comparing apples with oranges: Looks like that STC fits for your travel pattern better than M&M. This has nothing to do if you have the option to transfer STC miles into M&M miles (as LO left Qualifyer members residing in Poland could transfer their miles into M&M, as OS left Qualifyer, this was not an option). Bear in mind, that LH has to make provisions for unused miles in their books! One of the reasons why LX broke up with BA was, that LX had to pay/miles to BA if STC miles could transfer into EC miles: LX could not afford this!

Tolew Sep 8, 05 11:45 am

No Confirmation from the STC about this Facts!!!

verve Sep 8, 05 11:54 am

It seems that recently quite few people like to post news without beeing able to produce any form of source/confirmation. E.g. "no more lounge access" or this post here.

Well, we probably all know that the days for STC are over, but I don't see any added value on speculating on dates, conversion rates, etc. Let's enjoy/maximize STC as long as it lasts and then happily move on to the next FFP (which for me most probably won't be m&m)

kooks Sep 8, 05 12:44 pm

Nicht Nicht Gut
The only thing I have to ad here is this:


:mad: :mad: :mad: :td: :mad: :mad:


PS: excuse me for my German... :p

Kiwi Flyer Sep 8, 05 3:26 pm

Those who frequent the LH forum will know Kerstin Ruf is a fairly reliable source of news.

As an interested observer I think this news was expected and am pleasantly surprised by how much time there is for STC members to prepare (eg booking awards if they wish before the change).

Frequent_Flyer1 Sep 9, 05 1:44 am

Thanks Kerstin Ruf for your information. ^

As Kiwi Flyer already said, the threads of the OP in the LH forum was nearly always accurate and reliable so I don't think we should question her statement now... Let's see if we all get an email next month.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that LH integrates us in M&M. All statements from LH and the LX CEO ("[...] sonst gibt es ja Arbitrage-Möglichkeiten [...]", NZZ Interview) pointed in this direction.

1:1 conversion is not bad, but it will be getting really tough when we have used up our STC-miles after that! And as verve said then it's probably time to move to another FFP, and probably not M&M :o

BUT: Nevertheless it's a shame that such a good FFP stops to exist! So much for loyality!

:mad: :td: :mad: :td: :mad: :td:

airoli Sep 9, 05 1:50 am

Okay now. The inevitable has happpened. A logical move on behalf of LH, but still a pitty for people with a travel pattern like mine. :(

Now, before this is known to a wider audience: 8 segment awards, anyone? Asia in January looks tempting to me...

Yak40 Sep 9, 05 2:34 am

Originally Posted by Kerstin Ruf
if you have the option to transfer STC miles into M&M miles

So will we have the OPTION of converting our STC miles to M&M or will this be REQUIRED? In the Croatia Airlines => M&M case, it is possible to use up miles in the old program and to purchase miles at a good price to “top up” balance for the last award – at a good price. The more we know at this early stage, the better we can benefit from the situation.

AHO Sep 9, 05 3:54 am

After merging to LH M&M, I can see it will be very difficult to book award booking with LX coded/operated flights online. Which automatially means higher booking fee will apply. :td:

You can hardly book an award booking on JP/LO/OS/OU today online. (If it is not a direct flight between destination and these airlines base city.)

Kerstin Ruf Sep 9, 05 4:33 am

Originally Posted by Yak40
So will we have the OPTION of converting our STC miles to M&M or will this be REQUIRED?

Mid of next month STC will inform you (email or letter) that STC will be terminated in 2Q. Further more, they will ask for permission to transfer your profile to M&M (as Qualiflyer did as they split up into three programs). Your options are:

* To spend your STC miles (STC TOS) until termination.
* To transfer the balance of your STC into your (new) M&M account (M&M TOS).
* Do nothing: STC miles will expire

Frequent_Flyer1 Sep 9, 05 5:08 am

Originally Posted by Kerstin Ruf
* To transfer the balance of your STC into your (new) M&M account (M&M TOS)

Kerstin, may I ask if LH transfers the STC-miles into a new LH-account or do you have the possibility to merge accounts (for existing M&M-members)?

airoli Sep 9, 05 6:00 am

Kerstin, thanks for all the helpful info. Here are two questions on which I would greatly appreciate your insight:
  • By when do I have to merge my STC miles into M&M? Or, to put it differently, can I use my miles under STC T&Cs until the end of Q2/06 and then transfer the remaining balance into M&M?
  • I will requalify as a STC Elite member by the end of this year. Under STC, my status would be valid until 03/07. What will by M&M status expiry date be after the merger?
. Many thanks in advance.

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