Using the infamous "Flight Voucher"

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Lightbulb Using the infamous "Flight Voucher"

Like many others, I am stuck with a few of the infamous LH Group "flight vouchers" which the carriers gave out instead of refunds for flights cancelled due to Covid-19.

Now, with some flights starting to operate again from June, I want to use one of these vouchers for a new booking. Of course, the voucher's status is still "under review", despite the fact that I got it on the website well over 2 weeks ago. That same website also says that currently, it is only possible to redeem the vouchers via the call center, although they are working on a way to use them online "at full speed".

So I called LX today, and after 2 dropped calls and a long wait, managed to speak to an agent. I provided her with my new flight details. However, the price the agent quoted for the new flights was 43% above what quotes for those flights at the same time. Naturally, that massive price difference more than eats up the CHF50 "courtesy credit" that comes with my voucher.
When pressed, the agent said that "oh yes, the website has lower fares to which we have no access, and yes, in order to use the voucher you have to book through us."

What does a good Flyertalker do? HUCA.

The next agent magically was able to quote the exact same fare as the website. And because that fare was lower than the value of my voucher (+CHF50), he said that the small difference would actually be refunded to my credit card.

We'll see if that is true, but in any case: Buyer beware.
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Thanks very much for the report. That is very helpful!

Also never got the confirmation they promised, and my vouchers are over a month old. (But mine are OS, not LX)
I think that Ill opt for a refund for the next set of flights which wont happen.
If they cannot be bothered to make them easy to use, then I dont want to play that game.
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I have been told so many contradictory rules and fares by agents.

What worked for me when rebooking is to give them an example of another booking where a different agent was able to rebook to the correct fare.
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As I said before, I am so disillusioned and disappointed by LX in their 2nd decade of existence that I don't book them any more, except for the occasional short hop (i.e. GVA-NCE). So I am really glad I don't have to go through any of this (although I could have had to if one of my NCE or ZRH-DUS flights had landed during this crisis). I know that there is barely a single airline with exemplary behaviour during the Corona situation, but LX has generally too many negatives and fails in most other areas without even talking about Corona. No point going on about it any more on my part, they're all opinions and subject to personal experience at that particular moment or event. But I hope all of you get sorted out in the end and somehow get to reinstate or recreate your travel plans and use these vouchers.
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I don't think you're supposed to get a refund if the difference is in your favour from what I read on LH eXperts.
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I also used the vouchers on two tickets yesterday through the SEN line (the agents had not had to use vouchers yet, so it was a learning experience for them as well). I ended up calling back as I realised I had been overcharged and it was sorted out in the end.

But some observations:
  • Make sure you keep track of how much the original ticket cost and then add on CHF50 on top for your voucher 'value' so you are prepared on the call.
  • Make sure you go to the website and check the cost of the ticket you want to use and ensure you get that fare minus the value of the voucher - this is what you should be charged (if the new fare is higher than the value of the voucher, of course).
  • For some reason, they require you to make a change to an existing booking (even if it has been cancelled), so keep your PNR handy.
  • They will also require you to take the same fare bucket you had originally (I had a classic fare GVA-LHR-GVA and I was not able to instead go to the light fare for some reason)
  • You cannot apparently just scrap the existing booking and use it on a completely new booking (which I find bizarre - why not just follow the EasyJet way of providing you with a 'cash value' voucher for travel worth the cost of the original ticket, add a bonus for loyalty and allow me to spend that on any LX flight you wish? That way you clear all cancelled bookings out of the system and start fresh, whilst retaining the cash)
This whole process seems to be a lot more complicated that it should really be. I know it is a challenging time for the airline and I am 'happy' to take a voucher instead of refund, as I will definitely use it on their services. But why not make it as easy as possible to use?!
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