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Special meal in biz class

I have (slight) lactose intolerance and am considering whether to book a lactose free meal for my trip from ZRH to United States in biz class. Did anyone know how that's compared with the regular meal? Is that good or bothersome?

I've heard that LH treats vegan option as the same as the non-lactose one --- not sure whether this applies to LX.
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You are either lactose intolerant, then book the lactose free meal, or you do not have lactose intolerance, then go for whatever meal you are inclined to. Don't ask how it is compared with the regular meal, if you really have an intolerance. I wouldn't risk anything, especially on a long over-water flight.
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I understand what you’re asking here.
SWISS serves a lot of cheese, so if you’re not good with cheese then order a special meal. If you only have a small problem, I suspect you’re ok with hard cheese so you could be fine.

I have ordered lactose free meals in F and short-haul C before. Short-haul C it doubled as a vegan meal. In F they cater a full on special F meal even with an additional portion of Balik salmon.

Someone else can probably tell you exactly what you’ll get in long-haul C.
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Here's my experience: I booked the lactose free meal on ZRH-LAX and back in LX Business. However this was almost two years ago, so things might have changed.

The meals were actually very similar to some of the regular menu options so definitely not vegan. For example I had the same salmon as an appetizer, the same steak, just without the sauce and with a different side. Some of the snacks such as the muffin and the bread clearly doubled as the vegan/gluten free option which I didn't mind.
The crew asked me to confirm the special meal request at the beginning of the flight. After that, they were very attentive and always served the correct food at the same time as everyone else got their food. There was only one minor mistake when the crew offered me chocolate when passing through the cabin after the meal service, which most certainly contained milk. However you should know to watch out for those things when you have an intolerance/a food allergy.

Overall, I can't complain. I was kind of expecting the food to be worse than the regular offering and to be more similar to an economy special meal but it was a good business class meal.
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