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olivier Jul 12, 19 1:27 am

Test of new boarding procedure
According to a newspaper article in 20 min LX will test a new boarding procedure for short haul flights. Link Persons with window seats shall board first, followed by persons with middle seats and then with aisle seats. Persons booked together will be allocated to the same boarding group. Apparently, LH already introduced such boarding procedure, at least testwise.

Does anybody know when these new procedures will be tested and has anybody already made experiences with LH?

oliver2002 Jul 12, 19 3:16 am

LH tested a few things this spring to see what gets a aircraft turned around the fastest. The usually pick a flight which is notorious for delays and try out things to make it better.

shuly Jul 12, 19 3:43 am

If I recall correctly, LH had a "column-based" (rather than a row-based) boarding order about a decade or two ago. It didn't work.


worldclubber Jul 12, 19 6:38 am

Many airlines have (for the most part unsuccessfully) tried many things. I am not surprised that complex boarding procedures, not matter how great they may be in theory, fail in practice, since it often doesn’t even work to separate priority boarding from the main wave.

Dover2Golf Jul 12, 19 7:10 am

LH did this about twenty years ago because people hated it and no one, not even in Germany, complied.

It makes sense provided you still board premium first otherwise if you're in 1C there will be no room in the overhead which was a problem on many flights IIRC.

hugolover Jul 13, 19 4:01 pm

There's a mythbusters episode about this. I remember watching in my youth. IIRC the conclusion was it doesn't make much of a difference. Front to back, back to front, perfect order, I recall all was tested.

sophialite Jul 13, 19 10:34 pm

All of my LX/LH flights have boarded more quickly than those stupid Zone 1-5 boardings of United. And we all know Zone 1 means nothing because you still need to wait for people with babies, GS, and armed forces/veterans to board before you. If you're flying out of SFO that is not a trivial number.

lhrpete Jul 14, 19 5:27 am

The most important thing any airline can do to speed boarding is implement and stick to strict hand luggage requirements. TK get this right every time and flights leaving LHR T2 are usually great too.

If only it was everywhere.

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