EDW: Eco Max released at check-in?

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EDW: Eco Max released at check-in?

I have a EDW flight in one of their A330 coming up, in Economy class. For EDW, Eco Max is not a completely separate class as such. Instead, one would reserve one of the Max seats for the respective fee at booking and will, therefore, be traveling in Economy Max.
I was wondering: If I check-in late/early and don't mind a middle seat, is there a chance I can grab one of those seats if not enough people were paying for a Max seat but the plane is still sold out? If yes, when would they be released?
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Economy Max is in fact a different cabin class with different service and on check-in the price was about 250 to upgrade to it to Rio, (800 for J which I took). So no you won‘t be able to get the seat and the service for free.
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I don't think this is strictly seen true: When you book let's say on the Edelweiss website, you only choose between Economy or Business in the first step (and other booking channels such as swiss.com doesn't even offer eco max which makes me believe this is just governed through the seat assignment).
Only later in the booking process on the EDW website, you have the option (but you are obviously not forced to) reserve a seat: Normal seat is e.g. CHF 29, Max seat is around CHF 200 depending on destination. Acknowledged that the max seat comes with small service enhancements beyond the seat. How does expertflyer represent Max?

Now what happens if a lot of people choose not to reserve a seat at all. Example: 20 passengers don't bother paying for seat reservation and there are 15 seats in Eco unallocated and 5 in Max.
If EDW doesn't release Max at check-in, they would have to stop selling Eco tickets when [passenger w/o set reservation] = [unassigned seats in Eco]. Would you then be forced after choosing Eco to buy a seat assignment? This seems odd as other booking channels, such as swiss.com would not allow you to pay for a seat assignment.

I will check what the load factor a day prior to departure and maybe I will be able to answer my own questions.
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The entire capacity (Eco + Eco Max) is sold as Economy Class. Eco Max is a seat reservation product. Therefore not visible on GDS/Expertflyer.
It can happen that Eco Max seats are required for passengers who did not pay for this service but this only happens in rare cases when the flight is rather full an only a small number of pax chose to pay for Eco Max. Only the required amount fo seats would then be released and might be allocated to certain passengers.
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