Swiss insisting flight is 2hrs20min later than it actually is..

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Swiss insisting flight is 2hrs20min later than it actually is..

OK, that's a new one for me.

Recently had a flight which was (time of booking) to happen at 6.20am Ex-ZRH. Terribly early, but I can manage that.

So it was in my profile, all good, and as expected LX would send me their "pre flight" email a week before departure.

With departure time of 8.40am.

Hurray, I thought! No need to get up before the birds do, and time for a proper breakfast at the SEN lounge. Finally a schedule change that's actually positive. (I wouldn't even bother with EU261 with Swiss..)

So on the day before the flight, quickly went through OLCI when I got their "reminder" email (still 8.40am departure)

All good, got my boarding pass, ready for a nice evening and then a not too-early wake up alarm...

WAIT, didn't it say 5.55am boarding on it? Yes it does..

So Swiss sent me basically two emails, telling me departure is 8.40am.

But actually it wasn't. It was still 6.20am

Anyone else had this happening before? I got some screenshots to "prove" it happened, but it's really not more than Swiss emails telling me about the upcoming flight.

And actually the PDF (e-ticket_724etc) says 8.40am as well. Which I sent to myself through my profile after getting confused informations.. (the one saying " Anbei erhalten Sie Ihre elektronische Flugscheinbestätigung als PDF-Dokument ")

So this posting really is some combination of a rant (due to the whole issue taking time and making me quite a bit irritated and unsure about the whole thing, not even to wonder how many people ACTUALLY missed the flight due to it), a warning to fellow FTers, and a question if this happened to someone else?

Would you write to Swiss about it? I mean, no REAL harm done, but their IT systems seems to have a rather massive bug here, clearly having issues with correct flight times.

Or just ignore it, as we're used from the very best IT system in the whole industry, and be thankful that I didn't fell for it?
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That’s a strange one, definitely write to LX it’s maybe down to their poor IT but who knows, as you say it could cause less frequent & observant travellers to miss their flights.

Let us know the response ?
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It has happened to me. Check flight aware, expertflyer airport departures website or app when in doubt. Any schedule change on LX and this can happen. Syst bug.
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Sounds like a UTC/CEST bug or system configuration error.
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Originally Posted by fassy View Post
Sounds like a UTC/CEST bug or system configuration error.
That would explain a 06:20 / 08:20 timeshift

but not the observed timeshift of the OP 06:20/08:40
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Oh, didn't see :20 vs :40... Well, so just messed up some different way then
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Happened to me as well. It usually happens, when there is a schedule change between when your ticket is issued and when you fly and the flight number does not change.
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