Edelweiss A320 check-in seat reservation issues

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Edelweiss A320 check-in seat reservation issues

So this is actually really funny and somehow also really annoying.

When booking an EDW flight on the LX page, seat reservation is rather complicated (As you will need to go onto the EDW page and reserve it with only your pnr and name. (though you have to choose route and date and flight calss manually...).
So at check-in in Zurich those reserved seats have just gone bust and others (a lot more far behind were assigned.
The wome at the check-in counter was talking about single window seats and two middle seats and that there are two aisles... on an A320.
She then showed me the seat map and I am certain this must be a recent change in IT or anything, but the seatmap just showed the rows looking like this:
X__X X__X (without the _, which I used to show the gap difference)
so obviously I can understand that an agent might confuse the blocked middle seat, which is only shown as a huge gap, as an aisle and the small space between the two middle seats as not such an aisle (even though that would be the only aisle on the plane).
Same thing happened on the return from Marrakech where the check-in agent had done the same mistake and actually reseated everybody according to their interpretation of the seat map (pairs in the two middle seats and ppl alone in the single windows seats).
After boarding, obviously, chaos ensued and the FA had to reseat everybody.

So if you're flying Edelweiss on an A320 make sure to check your seating after check-in and if you find that the same mistake is being done as I desciribed, make sure to educate the agent.
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