Missed check in and Swiss refuses to rebook


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Originally Posted by athome View Post
No it is not a flat-tire situation, as traffic jams in New York are very common, especially during rush hour.
Not of that magnitude. You would be hard pressed to find a New Yorker who would consider allowing 2 hours to get to the airport from Manhattan as reckless.
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Originally Posted by arttravel View Post

I sympathize with the OP as I live in NYC and have had some terrible unexpected traffic— as in leaving Manhattan for EWR flight on SAS and disabled cars in both the Holland and Lincoln tunnels— so driver had to take the GW Bridge which was backed up just as an example — but one thing I did was call the airline from the car to check the cut off time and ask about alternatives — but I made it.

The flight tire so called rule is not a worldwide concept — some posts about BA and it is a case by case basis.

Flat Tyre Rule | Cut Off For Meal Loading | Missed Flight

BA Condition of Carriage 3c4 – Is an `Event Beyond Your Control’ an `Act of God'

Yes this exactly the type of situation they faced. Unfortunately they are not savvy travelers like you so didn’t call the airline until after the missed check-in. Interestingly LX told me it would not have mattered, missed flights incur the rebooking and fare difference fees no matter the reason. Or at least that is what I was told by Swiss.
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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
LX is brutally unforgiving about these kinds of things.

Most airlines would have waived at least part of the additional cost (change fees and fare difference). It's most unfortunate this happened on an LX ticket.
Anyone knowing me will agree that I don't like LX very much, and will be happy to point at them for making a fault.

BUT.. I've had experienced LX going the extra kilometer when someone arrived at the checkin counter WAY too late (approx 15min after deadline) and LX still made it possible to catch the plane (the luggage didn't made it, so the cut-off deadline definitely made sense being 70min in that case)

Blaming LX for being customer-unfriendly is just plain wrong. It's always the individual outstations (or ZRH/GVA) that are deciding.

I've experienced similar situations (several flights at one counter area, one of them "closing soon") - where staff went around actively and got people on the "closing soon" one to a counter straight ahead. Sure, if they basically already arrived too late, it would have been too late anyway, but if they arrived 77min before departure, they could still have made it IF staff was proactive.

I found staff to be much more active in trying to get everyone onboard in (most) Asian airports, much less so in the Western world where they seem to not care. Probably has to do with most airport workers in the West being on low wages, while in Asia (very generally spoken!) working at an airport is still something to be proud of. And yes, positive example above was at an Asian airport.

So, in short, don't blame LX. They could have been more accomodating, but in Europe, and generally Switzerland (and Germany), rules aren't there for fun. They're meant to be honoured, in both ways. And that means, if you're too late, you're too late. I'd expect the same from SQ, and other "strict" airlines, and I wouldn't blame them on that.
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