New to LX with questions

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New to LX with questions

Longtime FT member but Iím a first-time poster in this forum. I just booked an award ticket LAX-ZRH-MAD for April 2019, using UA miles. I phoned today and was able to reserve seats. I have several questions, after searching and reading through this forum of course. As an aside, after a trip a few years ago when I literally fell out of a Polish train while maneuvering my 25-inch suitcase down the steps, I only travel carry-on now. On my trip next spring I will be taking at least 10 train segments, no more falls for meÖ

1) I assume LX uses the TBIT Star Alliance lounge in LAX?

2) How strict is LX on biz class carry-on out of LAX? The equipment is a 777-300ER. I have a 22-inch Travelpro roller (not spinner, they're no good on European cobbled streets) that is actually about 23.5 with handle, do they measure or weigh at LAX? This bag fits fine in all U.S. overhead bins except bitty jets and easily fit in the TK bins on my last trip.

3) My LAX flight arrives ZRH on a Wednesday at 1515. Are there showers in ZRH in the new Terminal A lounge? My ZRH layover is only 1 hour 25 minutes before the connecting flight to MAD and I will have to clear immigration, a security check, and ride the people mover from E to A. I realize this lounge is so new there may be no one who has tried to shower between connecting flights, my concern is having to wait too long. Any wisdom from LX FFers?

4) My connecting flight ZRH-MAD is on a CS100, also in business class. Will they gate check my roller without charge at ZRH? Is there space under the seat in front of me (3A with B blocked on the 2-seats side) for my roller placed sideways? I'm sure my personal item backpack will fit overhead.

5) I have not yet booked my return which will be at the end of May 2019. How strict is LX on the return AMS-ZRH-LAX, do they actually weigh carry-ons in business class? Should I look for award space on OS, LH, or LO instead? I do know LH is very strict on weight even in business class. I wonít mind checking my bag on the return, but donít want to do it at the gate. Should I avoid LH ex Europe and focus on space on OS or LO?

6) Iíve read that the LX sizers are not really the 55 x 40 x 23 (in inches 22 x 16 x 9.5) size specified as carry-on maximum. Is this true? Should I purchase an ďInternationalĒ roller to be safe?

7) When I phoned for seat selection today the agent told me they release all the seats at D minus 24 and I can phone to try to get a free ďthrone seatĒ then. Is this correct, as I think Iíve read D minus 47 or 48 in other threads here? Iím reasonably happy with my assignment in 15G as itís a center aisle with the bigger table and armrest areas on both sides. I also asked her about LX arbitrarily moving people around without their knowledge as Iíve read in this forum. She told me, ďOh, that only happens if thereís an equipment change.Ē Hmm?
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If your luggage doesn't comply with the rules, you alway take a risk of them wanting to check it. European carriers put a lot more emphasis on this, compared to US domestic carries where some people bring all their worldly possessions on board. Therefore I'd advise against picking up your boarding pass at the counter, where employees of the airline will see your suitcase, and avoid at least one potential weighing and measuring point.
I have been on a LX flight from ZRH to ORD in the past, which was fully booked, where they actually walked around the gate area trying to force pax with larger carry on items (still within the size and weight limits) to gate check their luggage. Took a lot of effort to talk them out of it (O'Hare has the unique feature of a immigration line for carry on only pax, that is often faster than global entry, so I wasn't willing to give up my luggage).
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1. Yes

2. Havign never flown out of LAX I just don't know.

3. You will arrive in Terminal E: Now you have two options: You go shower in the Terminal E Business Lounge, or you take the skymetro and go through passport control to enter the shengen zone and there go take a shower in the Terminal A Business Lounge. As far as I know both offer showers, but I personally have not checked them out yet. But I don't think there are a lot of people occupying the showers, so there should be no waiting time (fingers crossed).

4. Not really sure if you can check it for free. I would just try to take it with me. (You are allowed to take two carry-ons + a personal item). The overhead bins of the CS100 are quite huge, so space should be no issue. I know that my Rimowa carry-on does fit under the seat infront of me (although you would not want to be sitting on the seat behind it in that case). What I normally do is put the big carry on in the bins and my backpack under the seat next to me (so I still have all the legroom).

5. As of now I have never had to weight my carry-on on any LX/LH flight. Only once heading to LHR ex ZRH I actually saw an employee testing a few carry ons before boarding in the waiting area. So it does happen, but never to me so far. (And I always have the small Rimowa suitcase and a rather big backpack with me, which both might be slightly over 8kg most of the time).

6. I haven't seen a LX carry-on size checker maybe ever in ZRH. Only a small hand held weight checker once about five years ago.

7. Go for 4A T-48 hours online with your LX confimration number. If you give us the date we can check the flight and by the seats still free give you tipps what seat you should go for. Moving people around does indeed only happen when there is an equipment change on longhaul (but there pretty much never is) and only on shorthaul when for example a A321 gets swapped with an A321 (yes it's the same plane, yet we got moved). So only your European segments could be influenced by that. It happened to me twice this year. But there was always an email informing me of it.
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1. yes

2. not particularly. Especially if you're not travelling economy. I have never had my carry on checked for size or weight when flying longhaul out of the US.

3. There are showers both for the A and E lounges. I would personally clear immigration and head to A to take a shower, just to be on the safe side.

4. Since you're on an internal biz itinerary, your chances for a free gate check are good. Since the introduction of carry-on-only-fares, they have gotten pretty strict on European flights with size/weight restictions with staff at the gate wandering around randomly checking carry-ons. They have metal frames at the gates to check sizes and they do look small. My suggestion is to not sit at the gate, but walk around or sit at the next gate and only show up for priority boarding. During boarding they barely ever check carry ons.

5. You might get your bag checked on the European segments on all of these carriers. I don't think it will happen for the long haul. Being in business can help somewhat, but it really depends on the subjective impression of the staff.

6. They are there and they look small. My regular carry-on, which is a soft case trolley within the size limits stated on the Swiss website needs a little squeezing to fit. I have never actually taken a measuring tape to check the sizers (though I have considered it). If I were you I'd take my chances and be prepared to let them gate check the bag (for free, since you're in business).

7. I agree with @Nick Art. There is always a chance of an equipment change, but with a significantly lower probability on the long haul.
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Concerning carry-on size, I have only been checked ex-ZRH on LX, but his happens relatively regularly, even on quite empty flights. But typically, if you show your C boarding pass to the apprentice that is sent off to check carry-on sizes and get all the anger from the pax, he/she will not insist to weigh your carry-on or confirm that it is within size limits.
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