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cyborg Jan 31, 16 4:25 pm

Improved Website Reservation Function

saveri Jan 31, 16 7:09 pm

My first flight on Swiss in a while. I've retrieved by new PNR for Amadeus for a flight in two weeks. Which should I use to check in using OLCI.

laoshu Jan 31, 16 11:09 pm

Originally Posted by cyborg (Post 26111931)
I was able to see seat assignments that were not visible last week for a couple of long haul business class bookings on Swiss. Also was able to pull up the records on Checkmytrip and other airline websites like Thai and ANA, so this looks like an improvement :-)



I can't see seating assignments on I can access but again no seat or wrong seat assigned..

Hope the system runs smoothly soon !



Concerto Feb 1, 16 3:22 am

Originally Posted by bobhope2 (Post 26110546)
Business pricing nuts now. Also the airtrain bsl-zrh-xxx ridiculous even in eco.

Oh that's a shame! I was hoping there would be some exciting mistakes! Maybe there'll be a few aftershocks before it all settles down. Great news about checkmytrip above, as well as being able to import the bookings into Miles & More. I always thought that was a nonsensical anomaly in this day and age. Particularly as Lufthansa owns SWISS!

Concerto Feb 1, 16 4:39 am

Originally Posted by goliath (Post 26109237)
Adding older bookings to M&M / CheckMyTrip / ... works fine for me.

Obviously, the old LX booking reference does not work.

You have to find the new Amadeus reference first, which is hidden here: open your booking on -> click on "e-Documents" -> "send". Here you will find the new Amadeus booking reference at the top.

Yes, thanks for this tip. You don't actually have to re-enter your email address and send the e-ticket, the new PNR is already there (should be a mix of numbers and letters). On checkmytrip it states MINDPEARL - CAPE TOWN at the top! Wasn't that the call centre for the old Qualiflyer programme?

goliath Feb 1, 16 4:55 am

Originally Posted by Concerto (Post 26114175)
You don't actually have to re-enter your email address and send the e-ticket, the new PNR is already there [...]

Exactly as I said:

Originally Posted by goliath (Post 26109237)
[...] open your booking on -> click on "e-Documents" -> "send". Here you will find the new Amadeus booking reference at the top.


pewpew Feb 1, 16 9:35 am

Is LX award space available on M&M? I can't find it on AC/UA for any dates/routes, be it for long-hauls in Y or short domestic/intra-EU hops.

moebod Feb 1, 16 10:36 am

I am flying with my family to miami
Reserved seats and paid for them a while ago. Preferred zone, row 1 in economy
Today I saw, that my wife with the baby lost her basinett seat. I called up, was on hold for 45 minutes and agent promised to put her back in the same seat
I log on now ot check if seat is repaired and not only isnt that the case, but one of my kids also lost a seat?!
Does this make sense?

I cant even get into the seatmap, it just says

We have recorded your entry. Your advance seat reservation is presently being updated.

This is for hours

San Gottardo Feb 1, 16 11:50 am

By the way, LX moving to Amadeus, does that also mean that they'll introduce automatic seat blocking for SEN like Lufthansa? Would be great.

oliver2002 Feb 1, 16 2:37 pm

Yes, all will have the same logic.

LoungeLizzard Feb 2, 16 1:17 pm

Looks there are still some bugs with short haul seat maps and short haul seat reservations in Business. I've only seen it on A320 and A321, but maybe it affects others as well.

I was happy when I saw that - finally - all business seats were open for reservation on a few A32x flights later in the year.
Had Swiss eventually heard me and given up the ridiculous seat blocking?

Sure enough, I can now select any seats also in rows 1-3, and I can even save it on
I got a bit suspicious when expertflyer wouldn't show my updated seats.
So I went back to, re-opened my reservation, and the seats had moved back to those I've had before. :(

We've had that before, didn't we?

The funny thing is that experflyer still showed row 3 as blocked seats, but I could select and save those seats. At the moment, I just seem to get kicked out of row 2 when I try to book these (2C and 2D specifically)

Not the end of the world, but it would be nice if they could fix it, and I still believe it would be ten times smarter to just give up on that seatblocking.

klausa Feb 2, 16 2:41 pm

I managed to get 1A on ZRH-IST and on the way back without any problem, for what it's worth.

(*G, but not SEN, if that makes any difference.)

San Gottardo Feb 3, 16 3:39 am

Originally Posted by oliver2002 (Post 26117099)
Yes, all will have the same logic.

Did automatic seat blocking come in last weekend when they changed parts of their system to Amadeus? Or will we have to wait for the introduction of the new DCS?

papyPiHi Feb 3, 16 4:56 am

According to an LX agent, first stations should migrate to DCS in a couple of weeks, with the main hubs before July

orenrr Feb 14, 16 12:32 am

SWISS will change DCS?
After SWISS changed their reservation system to Altea, when they will change their DCS to Altea? It will include a new online chkin system?
By the way, does anyone knows if Lufthansa also use Altea as DCS?


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