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swiss_global Jun 15, 14 9:00 am

Originally Posted by weero (Post 22905399)
No matter how messed up it will be, it cannot possibly be worse than the status quo.

Agree. Definitely a very positive move!

oliver2002 Jan 18, 16 4:58 am

LX moves to Altéa for reservation and inventory in two weeks... the DCS follows in spring. It seems the online booking display facility is already accepting amadeus record locators...

YuropFlyer Jan 18, 16 2:19 pm

Not sure if it's relevant (or related) to this, but I've done some searched on Kayak today: When I checked the Swiss flights (some European routes where there is little alternatives) it always showed me the various OTAs, but NEVER Swiss website offering it (Yes, I know, I could go there, enter the flights manually etc. - but most users on Kayak won't do that) - any chance that is related to the switch?

A picture says more than 1000 words:

airoli Jan 18, 16 6:55 pm

I imagine whether Kayak (which is owned by OTA Priceline) shows search results and referral links from is much more a commercial decision between the two involved parties than a technical one.

oliver2002 Jan 18, 16 10:48 pm

Yes, its the same with LH regional right now. I'm looking at a MUC-BCN return in April and even if I select LH I only get 10 other sites in the list.

LH4116 Jan 20, 16 4:55 pm

Is there a chance that SWISS will make the same screw up as SQ did when they transitioned to Amadeus, and release a floodgate of First Class awards to all *A partners? I know, it's wishful thinking :D

oliver2002 Jan 21, 16 1:18 am

TG had major hickups when they moved to the CITP too... ;)

rosenkavalier Jan 22, 16 11:45 am

I am told by a travel agent friend that LX's migration to Amadeus will occur on 30 January...
Any news on that?

Would be nice to know, as I have had issues purchasing LH tickets at the LX ticket office at ZRH, since they can't access LH fares. Never mind that LX is ticketing agent for LH and OS at ZRH and the logos of all 3 airlines feature prominently at the ticket desk at ZRH...
Most recently, the LX employee tried to replicate the same itinerary that LH had put on hold for me and price it on 724 ticket stock, it quoted me a price more than double...

You think it will be possible to start accessing LH fares from the LX system on 31 January?

oliver2002 Jan 22, 16 2:29 pm

Yes, the inventory control and GDS will migrate next week. DCS (axContol) will move to Altea later this year.

rosenkavalier Jan 23, 16 10:25 am

Originally Posted by oliver2002 (Post 26063779)
Yes, the inventory control and GDS will migrate next week. DCS (axContol) will move to Altea later this year.

I guess the transition period of the first week or so will be a hot mess??
Will LX office on the Bahnhofstrasse will be able to handle LH/OS ticketing, or just strictly airport office?

San Gottardo Jan 24, 16 12:58 am

SWISS changing their booking system to Amadeus in 2016
What does "DCS" stand for?

airoli Jan 24, 16 1:46 am

Departure Control System. The system that handles check-in and flight close-out.

goliath Jan 25, 16 5:26 am

Originally Posted by rosenkavalier (Post 26062834)
I am told by a travel agent friend that LX's migration to Amadeus will occur on 30 January...
Any news on that? now displays the following on the booking page:

Important information: Change of SWISS’s reservation system over the weekend of 30-31 January 2016 (start Saturday 17:00 CET). During this time, no flight bookings and reservation changes will be possible.
linking to more detailled information here: SWISS changes reservation system:

Temporary suspension of services

Over the weekend of 30-31 January, SWISS will be changing to the reservation system that is used by the entire Lufthansa Group, which will provide our customers with significant benefits.

SWISS’s entire reservation system will be unavailable from Saturday, 30 January (around 5 pm CET) until mid-morning on Sunday, January 31.

Kindly note that during the transition phase, no SWISS flights (including codeshare) can be booked or modified online or by phone. Due to this, we would like to ask you to plan ahead accordingly and book your flights in advance.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and look forward to providing you with even better service in the future.

Kind regards,

Swiss International Air Lines

rcs85551 Jan 31, 16 3:55 am

The migration has been successful and LX is operating on Amadeus Altéa since this morning.

fanb Jan 31, 16 4:34 am

Does this mean that i will be able to open bookings made on in my profile on and the m&m website? that would be cool ..

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