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davidy May 27, 13 6:23 pm

Where to rendezvous in ZRH?
My wife and I are due to land in ZRH about 10 minutes apart. I arrive from EWR on UA 134; she from TLV on LX 257. Where would be a good place to meet?

Thank you in advance for your advice

airoli May 27, 13 8:52 pm

Is Zurich your destination? Or are you connecting elsewhere (within Schengen / outside Schengen)?

Fendant Jun 2, 13 12:55 pm

The best place to meet would be the business class lounge in the Schengen area, as your wife might arrive either in B or E Terminal. You will always arrive in E Terminal and have to take the Heidi train.

If your final destination is Zurich and if you both are flying F or C then it is the arrival lounge.

NewbieRunner Jun 2, 13 3:53 pm

The OP is 1K so should have access to the SEN lounge if he has a BP for a departing *A flight. We don't know if his wife has any *A status.

The OP is arriving on UA, so no access to the Arrival Lounge even if he is in F or C.

I don't think it's possible to advise anything unless the OP answers the question posted by airoli.

davidy Jun 3, 13 5:30 am

Since we both arrived from non-Schengen countries, we met just past Passport Control in E Gates.

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