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Welcome! ♦️Information and guidelines♦️

Welcome! ♦️Information and guidelines♦️

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Welcome! ♦️Information and guidelines♦️

We want your ideas about how to make FlyerTalk an even better place. There are some simple guidelines for posting that will help us all achieve that goal:
  • Let’s make this a place for solutions, not complaints. Part of any good solution is positivity in suggesting it. Please refrain from snark and contentiousness. Don’t attack an idea another member suggests. Rather, give ideas that make it even better. Or, if a forum is suggested that you believe will be of minimal interest, give some statistics as to why.
  • Examples of subjects that are encouraged: suggestions regarding board structure, information that is given on the home page, forum descriptions, suggestions for new forums or the closure or merger of existing forums.
  • This forum is a place to bring an idea or a solution to the attention of FlyerTalk’s Community Director. I will read every post but won’t respond to each. I like to see if there is energy behind an idea. Are there others who also think it’s a good idea? Will discussion occur that results in an even better suggestion? I’m a great believer in group sourcing resulting in stronger action.
  • Discussion of individual moderators or their actions is not allowed. If you have such an issue, please privately message the Community Director. Likewise, if you have an issue with an individual poster either contact a moderator in the forum where they are posting. However, broader discussion about forum structure is permitted. You want more threads restarted each year? Less? Tell us and tell us why.
  • NOTE: Please continue to post about technical issues and suggestions in the Tech Support Forum that Internet Brand (site owner) monitors.

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Old Nov 23, 16, 10:01 am
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Welcome from your forum Co-Moderators

Welcome to The Suggestion Box forum!

We have little to add to our Community Director's welcome post above other than to introduce ourselves. Both cblaisd and JDiver have been volunteer Moderators on FlyerTalk for a number of years, including each serving a four year term as Senior Moderators. Our primary job here is to facilitate and curate, and our guidelines are the FlyerTalk Rules (link) and the post by SanDiego1K, our Community Director.

If you have a technical issue or feedback, please post in the Technical Support and Feedback Forum.

If you have any concerns or questions relating to our moderation, posts that appear misplaced or to violate the FlyerTalk Rules (link), there are two ways to contact us:

1) You can contact the Moderators by clicking on to the immediate left of every post to report what you may classify as a misplaced or improper post. This pops up a message box for you to fill in; the message goes to all Moderators of a forum (both of us) or to the four Senior Moderators if there are no appointed Moderators in a forum.

2) Send a PM (Private Message, for newer members) to both of us at cblaisd and JDiver. (That way, if one of us is temporarily absent due to travel, etc. the other is sure to get the message.)

For questions, issues or feedback about technical issues, please post on the Technical Support and Feedback forum (link) (same Moderators there, so we'll move structurally related threads here).

Safe travel wishes to all!

cblaisd and JDiver

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Old Dec 14, 16, 3:32 pm
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Guidelines for suggesting forum changes (new fora, closures, etc.)

Whenever a forum change is discussed on The Suggestion Box forum for the Community Director's consideration, we encourage members to fully address the following evaluative criteria in addition to any other reasons supporting or opposing the suggested forum change. (Similar criteria used by the former TalkBoard were useful to consider when discussing proposals to create, close, split, or move forums.)

Supporting data are always appreciated. See Suggestion: Create MH / Malaysia Airlines forum (forum created) for examples.

1. Will the forum be (or is it now) beneficial to FlyerTalk? How?

2. Is FlyerTalk the best place to discuss this subject?

3. Will the new forum benefit a relationship with FlyerTalk? E.g., does the forum provide value for FT members, such as an avid number of existing member service provider users or a friendly ear highly placed in the company?)

4. Is there a passionate following? This is essential in maintaining active and vigorous discussion, as well as involving knowledgeable members to get questions answered.

5. Is a critical mass of posts and readers anticipated or already in existence? A forum needs adequate traffic to keep everyone visiting frequently. One living forum is more valuable than two mostly inactive ones.

6. Is this the best place on FlyerTalk for this subject? This is the classification issue: the answer depends in part on whether or where the discussion might (or already does) occur in the absence of the suggested forum.

7. For proposals to split a forum: What benefits can be expected? Is the split expected to improve the "signal to noise ratio"? Why?

8. Forum "sunsetting":The administration does not anticipate using automatic sunsetting of forums as a response to weakness in a newly created forum, preferring instead to create forums only when we they are strongly expected to succeed.

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How do I formalize a concern or complaint about a Moderator?

The FlyerTalk Rules (link) are worth referring to in these instances; they also include a relevant rule:

18. Discussion Of Moderator Actions (link to this Rule)

Moderators value your private views and feedback related to their actions and duties. You may submit appropriate feedback to moderators by private message or e-mail. Do not post comments about moderator decisions or actions, or about the work of moderators, unless a moderator has invited members to post feedback in a particular thread.

If you have an issue about a forum, a post, etc. please contact the Moderator(s) for that forum. Click / press on the red triangular radio button with a white explanation point within a post for a pop up message to all Moderators in that forum. Where a forum has no appointed Moderators, the message will go to the four Senior Moderators.

Any concerns about the actions of a moderator should be directed exclusively and privately to the Community Director." (e-mail link)

You may also PM the Community Director as SanDiego1K.

Your communication should concisely state the the moderator's handle and forum, the nature of your concern, a summary of what occurred from your perspective and relevant supporting information.

The Community Director's decisions related to all appeals shall be final.

JDiver & cblaisd, Co-Moderators

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