Unnecessary Clicks

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Unnecessary Clicks

I'm repeating what I mentioned in "Talkboard Topics" only because this is a new forum (ergo, users might be more curious to see what's in here...or, did I just self-troll with the thread title?)

When accessing the Africa or Middle East Destination fora, instead of having to click twice from the forum index page, why can't we just click once?

I emphasize the nuisance that this causes while traveling in such places as China (dubious internet speeds/censors), and when using internet cafes/computer terminals in airline lounges (unpredictable speeds/ads a-plenty).

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Thanks for your post and I'm sorry about the aggravation. It's always a challenge to balance the pluses and minuses as they impact members differently. In 2011, I initially set up the destination forum as you prefer. But I had an outcry from members who didn't perceive the continents as being given equal footing. Look at the Destination page to see what I mean. Each continent is in blue and is a non active link. Each active forum is in white below. There are four sections of the world where there is only one subforum. If I took away the blue heading (the non active link), it is not quickly visually obvious as to where the continents are.

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