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[GONE: left 29Feb16] Hotel Kamp Helsinki, Finland, Luxury Collection [Master Thread]

[GONE: left 29Feb16] Hotel Kamp Helsinki, Finland, Luxury Collection [Master Thread]


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Originally Posted by Leumas
That's disappointing... I stayed there in June this year and a few nights last year too. Couldn't fault a thing, very enjoyable experiences both times.

I wondered whether it's because you were on award... Things like servicing of the room shouldn't be like that though...
I'm Plat, and stayed there last year on a paid one night stay. It was Good Friday, and the hotel was empty. I was given a nice (but not great, and definately not a suite) room just above the main entrance that was noisy from the coming & goings, as well as the shoppers/restaurants below. Service was fine, but I would not say it was fantastic. No one escorted me to my room, there was no amenity etc. Would I stay there again?? Most likely yes, but just because of its location and that it is a Starwood hotel & I'd get the stay credit. Yet if Starwood opened a W or if Hyatt had a PH there---(dreaming) I'd wouldn't think twice of not staying at Kamp and staying elsewhere.
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Originally Posted by deac83
I look at it this way, I've got 134 nights this year with Marriott, Sheraton had a chance to influence my choices for the rest of the year, they gave me no reason to switch, especially give that this should be as good as it gets.
Seems a bit extreme no? One hotel didn't live up to your measure of luxury and you've written off Starwood? (I presume that is what you mean as the Hotel Kamp is a Luxury Collection branded hotel, not Sheraton).

FWIW, I stayed there with no status in 2004 and was extremely impressed. I'd stay again, no question, if I had the chance.
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Thumbs up Hotel Kamp Helsinki - The Luxury Colletion [Master Thread]

I have been staying in hotels a lot. Especially over the last 5 years, I must have stayed in a hotel at least once a week. From Hilton’s to Marriott’s, Holiday Inn’s & Four Seasons, I’ve seen it all.

I have switched around programs 2-3 times in the last few years. I started out being a strictly Marriott guy and then switched to Hilton and now I kind of fell in love with the Starwood family.

In my experience every hotel has its ups and downs; if the room is perfect then you didn’t like the look on the face of the guy at reception, or if you got a bathrobe and slippers the shower was dripping. No hotel (in my opinion) is perfect.

But exactly 12 hours ago I changed my mind forever…..

Hotel Kamp part of Starwood’s Luxury Collection chain is “heaven on earth”. I am simply lost for words (quickly call my wife, she is going to want to see this…). The rooms are magnificent, beautify furnished and miraculously comfortable. Every detail is so carefully in place from the umbrella to the shoe shiner, the mouthwash to the plastic duck in the bath tub.

Staff are trained to a level that you just don’t get anywhere else, so friendly, polite, helpful and professional. Concierge and bell boys are not just there for your tip, they all simply have one goal and that is to make you happy.

The food is delicious and of top class and quality, with waiters and waitresses just longing to please you.

I can go on & on but its getting late, all I can say is WOW, this is the "best hotel ever"!
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Just arrived and got upgrade to Executive room as a newly minted Plat. Room is quite small, in yellowish-white decore, located in the new part of the building, facing dark sidestreet. TV is old Philips and it is not possible to watch TV from the bed. Best part is bathroom (green rubber bath duck is a nice touch). 24 hrs of internet will cost 20 eur. During check-in I opted for bottle of red wine as a Plat amenity - they bought to room bottle of Caliterra Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2005. I do not know much about Chilean wines, but it is probably available in stores for about 7..8 USD (other options were fruit basket, 500 extra points, 10 EUR bar credit, something else). During turndown service they also bought two bottles of water, two pieces of Finnish chocolate and a red rose. All in all I would say that service has been so far flawless, promt and very courteous, but particular room I am in does not impress me. I probably hoped for jun suite It might sound preposterous, but I would even say that Ambassador rooms in Scandic Continental (!) have grander feel than my current room - and definetely better views.
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Just stayed there in December.
I don't know Helsinki that well, but this location right on the "Esplanade" and within easy walking distance of a lot of the city center seemed perfect. It was a short walk to the railway station for catching the airport buses. It was easily within walking distance of most of the city center stuff I had been advised to see. In December, it was great for just walking out the door and rambling the Christmas markets. When I come to Helsinki again, I would definitely consider its hotel for its location. Booking at the last minute as I did, and getting a rate for around 149 EUR for a luxury collection hotel, & getting a suite, it's hard to complain. A couple of Finnish locals I met at a local tavern nearby were absolutely stunned I got such a great deal for such a great room at "THAT" hotel, and gave me quite an interesting history of the hotel and its heritage. It apparently does have quite a history, and quite an impressive guest list of Finnish & European celebrities & dignitaries. While clearly rennovated, it looks like they really tried to keep its historic charm in the rennovations.

The hotel was fully booked, and I had plans to stay elsewhere. But, while on a layover in the UK, decided just for the heck of it to see if anything opened up last minute. Got a decent rate on a king room & nailed it & easily cancelled a room elsewhere. (literally just before getting on my onward flight to HEL). Upon arrival & check in at the front desk (around 4pm), I inquired of any cancellations, and after looking into it, they found a two-room "suite" that had opened up. They would not have done that extra checking had I not asked...as up to that point, they just said they were fully booked & there was nothing else. I wasn't going to push it, having booked at last minute, but figured no harm in asking about cancellations. I sort of think that checking for any cancellations would be something that they would just do anyways, esp. considering the many reviews about how attentive the service is there...but, it was clear I would have had 'just' a room had I not asked.

Speaking of staff, they constantly refer to the concierge. I had a few ideas on where to go eat (thank you, FT) but wanted to hear their recco's as well. Yet, when I called, the person answering the phone didn't speak English at all, & had me wait on hold for a few minutes while he tracked down a colleague who spoke English. That colleague said he did not know Helsinki at all, but would locate a co-worker who did (was inquiring of dining recco's). I went on to unpack & settle in, & no phone call. Went down to the lobby to ask...but a long line at the desk...so, I just ventured across the street to the markets & did just fine. The esplanade was a treat, lined with all its Christmas markets, and all the windows in all the buildings along it decked with those "candle" lights. Very cool. The hotel was also close to the "waterfront" & ferry terminals, which would prove nice in warmer weather for island ventures. It was wild that, in mid-December, Helsinki was warmer than here in the midwestern US.

Back at the hotel, time to check out the spa upstairs. The different types of steam-rooms & suanas at the spa were perfect for relaxing after a long flight from the US. There's a common area in the middle of them all, with big stone lounge chairs for just relaxing in between trying out the various steams/suanas. There's also shower stalls with several settings w/ icons/pictures not words for what they are...Warning: the SPLASH one would get anyone's heart into warp drive, an arctic-cold, powerful blast from several surrounding jets (engines!) all at once, clearly meant to simulate the outdoor "take a suana then get thrown in the ice hole" effect. The rainhead, the side sprays, the foot spray, and the basic "shower" were a little less shocking. The one "workout towel" (rag-size) and one shower towel that you're given won't be enough, so----you can either be charged there for additional towels @ 4 eur. each, & water bottles also @ 4 eur. each,---or you're welcome to bring a few extras from your room. The gym was a lot like a Westin Reebok, except that the locker rooms were better: they had plenty of space, plenty of wooden lockers, and all the toiletries one would need & not just extra mini-bottles of soap/shampoo, and also that the showers aren't basic gym showers, but have the multi-setting (waterfall, massage, spray, etc.) heads & "side" jets. An "island" in the middle has mirrors, sinks, stools, etc.

The suite was really nice, brimming with historic character, and with a living room, bedroom, huge bathroom, & sort-of-separate reading area/sitting area. Intensely plush furnsishings & decor. Beautiful artwork on every area of every wall. Tons of curtains everywhere, even where there wasn't a window...just for a "tapestry" effect I guess, and a canopy effect over/around the bed area. Very spacious exec. desk w/ its own fax/printer. & plenty of space to work. Lots of office supply cups & cubbies around as well. Large glass doors opened onto a "private patio" onto one of the rooftops, with plenty of flower pots & landscape things to minimize the roof look. Plenty of space for entertaining a small army of guests. Looked like the roof was divided into 3 or 4 other similar patio areas for 3 or 4 other rooms. It's the roof that's over part of the lobby, near the dome. The red rubber duck was cool. Turn down service w/ chocolates & sparkling water. I think if I was a female I would have also gotten a rose. The bathroom had separate "rooms" each for a toilet, shower, sink area, & bath--each with "etched" glass doors instead of "solid" ones. The rubber duck was cool, on a toiletries & book-holding tray across the tub. PLENTY of and a variety of Molton Brown products (at least 6 kinds of body-wash). With the well equipped showers & supplies at the spa, I never needed them in the room & were glad they came in the euro-tsa-friendly 50ml size for taking home.

Never had to mess with the internet fees...the night attendant was VERY helpful and showeed me to an office room (clearly not an employee one, but one for guests) with all the free hi-speed access I'd need, & he offered to help print boarding passes, etc.

Didn't bother with breakfast at the hotel cafe, having read of the expense paid for little food in many other posts. Enjoyed the spread at the F Finnair Lounge at the aiport the day I checked out. I didn't bother with the hotel bar, as I found plenty of great ones in the area that kept my attention. Stopped thru both 'tho, and the atmosphere in each looked quite elegant.

If I could snag a rate like that and an upgrade like that, I'd stay there again. I don't stay at luxury collection hotels that often, and have read varying reviews on how this one compares to others. I'd give it serious thought for its location, especially if one wanted to be near the esplenade and the waterfront.
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Unhappy Hotel Kamp Helsinki - The Luxury Colletion

I recently stayed in the Kamp Hotel Helsinki for leisure purposes (not an award stay, but paid for the room). Having never been in Helsinki, and having heard good things about the hotel, we decided to stay in this Starwood property.

The first impression was rather positive.

Problem 1
Check-in was very swift, the room (room A) was spacious, I took a shower, and once I headed to the sink, I realized it had no hot water. Tried everything, turning the knob in all directions, but the outcome was always the same: cold water pouring out.

I headed to the front desk, and explained them the situation, and the lady at reception told me that she understood what was going on as it had previously happened. As it was already late to call the plumbers, she gave me a look, and asked (honest): 'What do you want me to do with it?'

I wanted a new room, but was kind of upset that they would give me a faulty room and be aware of this. I even considered going to another hotel, and even called Hilton Honors for them to look for properties in Helsinki. They had a few Scandics and Hiltons, but as this was my first time there (and not knowing the small size of the city), and it was already past 10pm, I decided to stay. They offered me a new room (let's call it room B), handed me the key, and I went to room A, took my things, and went to room B.

Surprise surprise, the new room B didn't have hot water either. I go again to the front desk, where I explain the situation to another person (I suppose the manager), who walks to room B with me. She realizes the problem, apologizes (meaning saying 'I'm sorry' with no other facial emotion), and tells me that she will find another room, personally inspect it, have all my things moved from room B, to the new room (room C).

After some 15 minutes waiting, she finds room C, and hands me the key. Room C had hot water, so everything was fine. To their defense, I was offered several times to go the bar and have a drink on the house (it didn't sound sincere, but was still offered), which I refused, just wanted a working room.

Problem 2
After offering bottles of wine, which I also refused, I finally asked if breakfast was included in my rate. The answer was that it was not, but could be added for a fee. I asked if they could add the breakfast free of charge for the nuisance, the lady agreed.

The next morning, we headed to breakfast. We took a table which had previously been occupied but not cleaned yet, with plenty of pieces of food from the previous guests. We left our belongings, and went for our salad. I noticed that the waitress just put a new napkin over the table without cleaning it. When I returned to the table, I just took the napkin and wiped the table with it, and put the napkin away. The waitress saw me do this, and actually got upset as she had to bring new napkins. Then she brough the cutlery, and it was dirty (or at least not cleaned to well). If we hadn't been alone, without witnesses, none of us would have believed what was happening. We asked for clean knives and forks, and the visibly upset waitress brought new ones.

The breakfast was ok, but we tried to keep low profile in order not to get noticed by her.

Problem 3
Sunday morning, 9am. There is a drill noise coming from somewhere. It wakes everybody up, as there were many guests out of their rooms wondering where it was coming from. As it continued for a long time, we called reception who apologized saying that it was coming from the next door shopping mall, and that they were trying to stop them as they were not permitted to do it in the morning. Everybody was puzzled as the noise seemed to be coming from higher floors, and the shopping mall was actually only two floors high.

On a positive note, the hotel has a very central location (although Helsinki is rather small, so nothing is too far away), and the rooms are fairly large.
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The OP beat me to it. I stayed in the Hotel Kamp this past weekend as well. I do have to say I had remarkably different impressions of the hotel. Here's my trip report:

This trip was half pleasure/half work (had to be in meetings on Monday in Helsinki). Arrived on Saturday morning to find my secretary failed to include my SPG number on the reservation. Generally, I find this causes problems and generally the loss of any upgrade. On the contrary, without any prompting, the front desk person acknowledged my status right away and searched for a good room. We ended up in room 613, a rather large suite overlooking the esplanade. I would probably go as far as saying this was one of the nicest upgrades I've ever had. More about the room later. The only downside to the check in process is that my contracted work rate was for 1 person, but my wife accompanied me and they had the gall to charge me an extra 10 euro.

As noted, upgraded to a beautiful suite. Living room with huge bookshelves, complete with books. Multiple windows, overlooking the esplanade. Long hallway, separate bedroom and very large bathroom with stall shower, double sink and full separate tub. Only downside, the shower leaked excessively onto the bathroom floor (nice shower though!), which got annoying. Honestly though, didn't complain about it and only mentioned it as a heads up to them after checking out.

Decent, but not superb. We tried to get a spa appointment, no go. Tried again with the concierge playing the plat status, he tried, still no go, fully booked. The sauna's were nice, but they didn't have a pool. Room service comes with a 10 euro surcharge. Overall costs of hotel were expensive but restaurants were decent. Breakfast typical expensive breakfast for europe, but much more limited selection for your 30 euros. Pillows sucked (flimsy ones). WE tried ordering off the pillow menu, but they never brought up our request.

Not the greatest city, especially in the winter. Hotel is deserving of "luxury collection" branding. Room was one of the best I've had (I'd say the better ones I've stayed at is the Westin Excelsior in Rome (upgrade to a nice suite) and the Diplomat in Ft. Lauderdale (corner suite) and St. Louis Westin (huge suite)).

I have to differ with the OP though--never noticed the noise (his Problem 3) and definitely had hot water (his problem 1). His problem 2 didn't come up because we didn't need compensation for anything.

So, I liked the hotel, would stay there again if in Helsinki.
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The shower leaking problem seems to be a 'design fault', I've stayed there several times in different rooms. The shower stall always leaks.
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I stayed at this hotel as well and must say that my room was excellent. check-in was swift. in terms of service overall very good, but they did not deliver it with a smile.

hotel is very well located and probably the best hotel in HEL. Would stay again on future trips to the city.
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I absolutely loved my stay there about 4 years ago. Granted, being on a 5,000 Starpoint award (half off deal) helped, ;-) But I found the room and the service to be rather good.
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I had a stay there a year ago, and the room was fantastic, the service was very good. The spa was a great relief. Yeah, it did seem a little weird that they didn't have a pool there, but hard to complain about it with all the other spa options....I could have slept in those relaxation chairs all day.

The location was great, esp. in December with the Christmas markets practically right out the door. (altho' anything in the city center seemed like a good location since the whole area seemed quite walkable)
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Amazing upgrade

I stayed there about 5 years ago, and had the best Platinum upgrade that I have ever had in the Starwood system. It was to an enormous suite with two B&O stereo systems (electrostatic towers), beautiful carpets, chandeliers and drapes, etc. Shakira was staying at the hotel at the same time, and it seems (since I was told that I was being given the best suite in the hotel) that she had some lesser room. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to return, but I look forward to doing that.
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Stayed at the Kämp right after the new year for one night. At the check in I was upgraded to Oscar Merikanto suite that was nice, although IMHO not really a suite. Was not offered either points or Platinum welcome amenity that I later fixed with CS.

Somehow I was able to access City of Helsinki's free wireless service so ended up not using the wireless/wired one offered by the hotel.
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We're staying on Cash & Points this Sunday night a the Hotel Kamp. With hotels running at $200+ for anything decent (even the Best Western!) and $442 for the Hotel Kamp, C&P seems a good way to begin the HEL-SIN KL $310 fare!
Any recommendations on good places nearby for a quick breakfast? I understand the hotel is downtown, so I'm guessing there will be plenty of choices.
Any other recommendations or recent updates for this hotel, and/or how to spend our 24 hours in HEL?
I'm guessing Holtju2 might have some answers for us.... :P

Thanks in advance!!
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Originally Posted by kyushuman View Post
We're staying on Cash & Points this Sunday night a the Hotel Kamp. With hotels running at $200+ for anything decent (even the Best Western!) and $442 for the Hotel Kamp, C&P seems a good way to begin the HEL-SIN KL $310 fare!
Any recommendations on good places nearby for a quick breakfast? I understand the hotel is downtown, so I'm guessing there will be plenty of choices.
Any other recommendations or recent updates for this hotel, and/or how to spend our 24 hours in HEL?
I'm guessing Holtju2 might have some answers for us.... :P

Thanks in advance!!
Anything new to report from last week.Staying a few nights the weekend.
Will be starting HEL-HKG KL fare too!
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