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tommy777 Aug 6, 08 2:03 pm

Originally Posted by NWAsilvELITE (Post 10160664)

Do you have the email address for Guy that you could post here or PM me with the address? I am headed here in the middle of Sept. this year and have emailed Diplomatic Amy regarding an upgrade for this visit. She took very good care of my wife and I a couple of years ago when we were there and upgraded us to a corner suite as well. It was awsome!!!! I haven't heard back from her as of yet and I don't know if she moved to a different position in higher command or what. Her title at that time was complex director of revenue management. All I know is I am looking to get out of MI for a couple of days!!!!!

Please let me know. Thank you!


adamak Aug 6, 08 2:16 pm

I'm thinking going there for Labor Day. How busy does it get? Also, is it worth emailing them pre-arrival to get the best upgrade?
And is there any must-try restaurants around the area? We pla to have a rental car.

tommy777 Aug 7, 08 10:39 am

I wouldn't encourage everyone to e-mail the guest relations manager to ask for upgrades, the Diplomat will give them to you without asking in advance. AFAIK most rooms have the Heavenly Bed now, so no need to e-mail him about that either

But if you have an issue with your stay, he is a good guy to contact. The reason he upgraded us was because he promised us an upgrade because of a few disappointments we had back in March.

So I won't post his e-mail, but if you have an issue, feel free to PM me

dmbfan222 Aug 18, 08 8:20 am

I have an upcoming stay 8/28-31 and was wondering if anyone has an update on the renovations/heavenly bed installations that have been going on this year. If major renovations are going on I might choose to stay at another property.


jottoson Sep 7, 08 4:41 pm

I have not been to the Westin Diplomat since March and I am wondering if anyone has any information on the status of the room and property renovations, plus details and pictures. Thanks

skibum_nj Sep 7, 08 9:21 pm

Originally Posted by jottoson (Post 10328000)
I have not been to the Westin Diplomat since March and I am wondering if anyone has any information on the status of the room and property renovations, plus details and pictures. Thanks

I was just down there the last week in August. Our corner suite had already been renovated and had new carpet, a Heavenly Bed and flat panel TV's in the living room and bedroom. They told me that they started the room renovations on the 28th floor and were working their way up to the 36th. They were renovating the rooms on the 33rd floor when I was there. The Club Lounge was closed for renovations the week I was there, but should be open by now. Here are some pictures:

gleff Sep 8, 08 6:25 am

Thanks for the photos! ^

The rooms do look pretty much the same except for the flat panel TVs. I'll take your word on the carpet, hopefully in those rooms that needed at least reupholstery of stained couches got that :eek:

But on the whole the rooms looked quite similar, which is fine because I've always been very very happy at the Diploimat. I was last there in June, won't be back until November, glad I missed the club lounge's downtime. Any idea what they did up there?

tommy777 Oct 21, 08 2:57 pm

Back from another Diplomat stay
Some of you might have read my previous visit to this property. Well, there has been some changes, both positive and negative.

Had a 4 night stay over this weekend, returned yesterday. 2 night paid stay (USD 219 a night) and 2 night on points. After my problems last time I was there, the guest relations manager had already secured a corner suite for us way in advance.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and parked our rent a car in the garage across the street (USD 18 a day).

We were greeted by a lobby filled with foreclosure real estate agents who had a convention till Friday :eek:

Check in was friendly, but no SPG amenity was offered. Was handed our keys to suite 3141 in a pink thing, not a platinum thing :D. Not a big deal, the guy was friendly, but definitely a newbie.

We managed to get to our suite without buying a house. :p Like reported earlier, the room had brand new carpet, 2 LCD TVs and most importantly, the Westin Heavenly Bed!!

Everything looked great. The bathroom had all the new Westin shampoo, soap stuff except mouthwash which was in the old bottles. Sewing kit, toothbrush kits etc. also in the bathroom

We had received a 15% off coupon for the hotels restaurants and decided to dine downstairs the first evening.

We took the stairs to the 33rd floor to check out the lounge. Absolutely nobody there, let me tell you why:

The price hikes on drinks is beyond rude and makes this lounge a joke.

They were offering Beringer wine and the prices have more than doubled since last time. A glass of a 2006 Beringer Chardonnay (4.99 a bottle at the store) was 13 bucks!!! A 3.99 bottle of Merlot was offered at 10 dollars a glass. Beer prices has also gone up. 8 bucks now for a Corona or Harp.

We had one drink and headed downstairs to Aisia. The real estate agents obviously ate elsewhere and there were only 3 tables occupied, bar was packed, though. Good menu and decent prices. We had beef skewers to start, I had the roasted duck, the wife had sushi, chocolate volcano cake for dessert. I drank Kirin, the wife had a couple of glasses of wine. It came out to 76 bucks with the discount, so great price. Good service, excellent food. PF Chang'ish type of place.

It had been a long week for both of us and we went to bed early, around 11.

On Friday morning we were woken up by a blasting Bose radio at 520AM. The person in the room next to us had his alarm on full blast and he/she was obviously not there. It was on the Rock and Roll station and believe me, these radios have quite a kick. I called down and they would take care of it. 30 minutes went by, nobody came, so I called again. They were puzzled since they were not busy at all. They would investigate and get back to us. Finally, after 45 minutes, a security guard came and started knocking softly on the door next door. I went out in the hall and said he might want to knock harder or just enter due to the high volume. He told me to stay out of it and kept knocking softly on a room door for over 10 minutes that had a 100+ decibel blasting from it. :rolleyes: He then finally entered the empty room and turn the radio off. After 5 minutes, what do you know, the alarm came back on at the same level. The moron had hit the snooze.. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

It then took another 15 minutes from a rather frustrated call to the MOD for the same security guard to come back up.


The next day, Donald (Front Desk Manager) apologized for the long delay in getting the noise complaint fixed. He offered us 6K starpoints and 100 USD f&b credit. A good solution in my book.

Wireless Internet in the room has improved a bit, but there's still very poor reception in the bedroom in the suites. At 12.95 a day, that's not good enough.

Plenty of room by the pool, most guests were there for the real estate conference. Drinks were a lot cheaper than the Executive Lounge :p:rolleyes:

Service was good, had lunch there 2 days, food was good at resort prices, but not that bad. 40 bucks including a couple of alcoholic drinks is not horrible. PS! They add tips to the check..

The breakfast in the Executive Lounge is still good. Plenty of Laks and other goodies. We decided to come back the following night to check out the evening offerings. The lounge was again, empty..... The snacks has been cut substantially. 1 kind of cheese, ham and salami. That's it. They can do a lot better.. And with the RUDE drink prices, they should be ashamed of themselves to present this lame buffet.

We decided to check out the bar downstairs instead. A great Oregon Pinot that sells for over 25 bucks at the store was 9 dollars, a glass of real Champagne was 15. A glass of Chardonnay three times the price of the crap upstairs was 8 bucks :confused: Needless to say, we traded the beautiful sunset and the rudely overpriced crappy wine upstairs for the cool crowds and great priced, good quality wine downstairs.

The maids have improved substantially since the last time we were there. Everything was replenished every day and they came a lot earlier than last time. Room looked great. ^^

Turndown service was also 100%. Mints on the night stand every night, fresh towels as well. ^^

They forgot to refill th Preferred Guest water and when they did, they only refilled one bottle. I called down and after an hour, they came and gave us 2 bottles. The other days they refilled only 1 bottle. (Aqua Panna)

So all in all, the rooms have improved a lot, Heavenly bed is finally there.

The alarm clock incident could have happened anywhere, but taking 1 hour and 30 minutes to resolve it was too long. I think we were compensated well though.

The only big nono was the price hike in the Executive Club. It's absolutely unheard of that you can have great wine at the bar downstairs for a fraction of the price of the CRAP they serve upstairs. :mad::td::td:

Will go back to this property anytime though.

Benjh Oct 21, 08 3:25 pm

Outstanding addition to the long chronicled love/hate relationship between tommy777 and the westin diplomat. I hope CheapElite is not jealous :-)

tommy777 Oct 21, 08 4:38 pm

Originally Posted by Benjh (Post 10555342)
Outstanding addition to the long chronicled love/hate relationship between tommy777 and the westin diplomat. I hope CheapElite is not jealous :-)


Here are some pics (sorry, only brought my Ixus)
New LCD screens. Not the best quality and no HDTV. Heavenly bed
Living room LCD
New carpet

Benjh Oct 21, 08 7:51 pm

No balcony? Despite the space, I think I like the ocean view rooms better...

tommy777 Oct 21, 08 7:55 pm

He he.. All suites has balconies. I just posted pictures of what's new: carpet, LCDs and WHB ;)

Here's balcony stuff and view from suite 3141

Benjh Oct 21, 08 7:58 pm

Ha yes... I see... I look like a fool now :)

sbtinme Oct 21, 08 8:57 pm

EXCELLENT photos that really speak to the quality of this place -- many thanks, Tommy777. Well done!

I'm disheartened to hear about the turn-for-the-worse in the club lounge. That's disappointing all around, but particularly the piece about prices being higher in the club lounge than the pool or the regular lounge. That's plain nutty. Out of curiousity, did you pass along your disappointment to anyone at the property? If so, did they make a note of it?

gleff Oct 21, 08 9:00 pm

Originally Posted by tommy777 (Post 10556461)
He he.. All suites has balconies.

Actually, that's not correct. All the corner suites have balconies. But the one and only time I stayed here and was not in a suite (it was the week between Christmas and New Years...) I was offered a suite on the club floor with no balcony (a non-corner suite). I declined and took an oceanview room on the club floor instead.

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