What Improvements Would You Like to See?

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What Improvements Would You Like to See?

Given that many of us, including myself, have spent the past week or so ripping the changes to SPG in the past year, I think it'd be helpful to SPG to suggest improvements to the program, if and when it comes time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

1) A more functional website, listing ALL rates on one screen, from low to high, including promotional and discount rates.

2) A return of Free Weekends or some sort of expedited free night program for everyone, and an end to targetted promotions that leave elite members out.

3) A confirmable suite upgrade or two or three a year for platinum members. Loews does this (confirms suite upgrades at the time of reservation), and I have very much enjoyed it since I became single (hotel-wise). Fairmont also does this, but not unlimited, like Loews.

Any other sort-of realistic suggestions?
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I'd love to see a $50 bill on my pillow at turndown every night.

How about less whining from folks who have already publically stated they have little/no equity left in, or those who endlessly say they are leaving in the SPG program. So go already. I got your point 4 pages and six threads ago.

Life changes - so does FF programs. Roll with it or move on.
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Thanks for your constructive input.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by BoSoxFan45:
1) A more functional website, listing ALL rates on one screen, from low to high, including promotional and discount rates.</font>
quite some time ago, there was a buzz about improvements to the web site. i can't remember if this incarnation is the improvement. i certainly hope not.

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Your list is a good one, BoSoxFan. I think this is more constructive and reasonable than whining.

Personally, I don't think the $50-on-the-pillow idea will fly...
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Consistent implementation of Starwood's elite benefits, all participating properties, all participating brands.


Golds: A "preferred" room upgrade.
Platinums: The "best available guest room", and consistent implementation of the Amenity.

Give us what we are entitled to, not what the front desk clerk thinks we deserve.
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Keep the occasional suites for Golds coming!!!!!!!!
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Rolling Stone writes:
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Life changes - so does FF programs. Roll with it or move on.</font>
I've just never understood that "roll with it or move on" attitude. That sounds defeatist to me. Almost anti-consumer. I would advise against it. There are other more productive options than just rolling over and taking it, or moving on.

If you really care about the issue, sticking around and trying to effect change, would be one suggested route. As long as it takes.

In my experience, if the consumer demands more, they usually get more.

If they demand nothing or accept less...then that's exactly what they usually get.

Almost every time.

And nobody can read minds. If folks don't stand up and complain (and often), the powers that be may not even realize why they are losing customers or business.

For those that don't care and think this is just so much about nothing? That's because...well...they just don't care!

Cheers to those that don't take it or move on. Cheers to those that expect better, not less. Cheers to those that stand up for what's right and try to hang on to something being taken away.

Because they are at least...trying.


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I know, you're probably tired of my crusade...

How about waiving local/1-800 calls for golds? And for plats, also adding free high-speed internet? Low-cost, high gain, gets the biz traveler back in the game.

I love this amenity from other programs.
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Confirmable upgrades earned or gratis would be a great addition.

Being able to self select room (like airline seating) based on status and/or availability would also be helpful.

An option to check in by phone or on-line and just pick up keys at desk would be helpful also. (like rental car - Just check ID grab keys and go.)

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Copy Hyatts 1-800 check-in line
Serves two purposes--less stress at the hotel check-in and gives corporate some more control about how upgrades occur.
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May be it's because I'm from Philly as well, but agree with PHLbuddy:

* Most important improvement: FREE high speed Internet access for Platinum

* Second most important: no fee for 800 calls for Platinum
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Either return the "sort" price functionality to the website (was it really necessary to remove it?) or list all pricing from lowest to highest by default.
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They do not need to re-invent the wheel - just go BACK into the files.

I have been a Gold SCI/SPG member for 20 years or so.

I remember as MANY here do, what we USED to get each year with the Elite kit.

A whole bunch of coupons that I nearly ALWAYS used. I'd go out of my way to use them at times = extra revenue. Everyone remember those?

There were SPECIFIC Hotels on each coupon that honored them. And often Specific dates.

IIRC they included:

1. A sheet of rates available at specific hotels at specific dates. $29, $39, $49 etc. Great deals for when they knew they'd be quiet. If SPG is worried by Priceline etc, here is a way to combat that. NOTE - Hilton Diamond Club to this day offers similar deals so it clearly is possible.

2. Book one weekend night get one free. Again specific hotels.

3. Free Health Club access. Property Specific.

4. Free breakfast for room guests. Property Specific.

5. Towers upgrade Certs. Property Specific.

6. Suite upgrade certs. IIRC these came in first year of SPG existence?

7. 50% off Rack rate certs. Property/date Specific.

8. Buy one entrée at restaurant, get one free. Property Specific.

And there were others that those with better memories might recall. Most had the usual "subject to availability" escape clause etc on them, so where is the loss sending these?

Bottom Line - we receive ZIPPO of use from SPG each year. BOMBARD us with coupons when you mail out the member cards annually.

Why not? Maybe I am a coupon junkie but I DO generally use these things when I get them. Make having states MEAN something.

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Only to repeat above:

1) List all rates like Orbitz. This is a great feature and I can book much faster on Orbitz. I only do it when I dont get a bonus from SPG

2) Confirmed upgrade to Suite Coupons for Plats. This would be for when I travel with my wife and child. I would want a suite at that time.

3) 50% off Rack Rate and 50% off award stay. The 50% off last year for plats was great! We stayed at some great hotels and not so great hotels and were able to spend 50% less points. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

4) Free Internet. Remove all the billing software, get a cheap t1/dsl line and make me happy. Or at least put free wireless out in the Bar/Lounge area. That way, you would force me down when I am on off time, buy drinks and eat.

5) I dont use Hotel Room phones anymore as I have a cell phone but would like the option to dial 800 numbers at no charge.

6) Hotel Staff which tells the truth .

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