Etiquette for comp'd room?

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Originally Posted by sbtinme View Post
Well, you can bet I spend my company's money as if it were my very own, as well. Every company I've ever worked for demanded that of me and I'm happy to oblige.

HOWEVER, I absolutely DISAGREE 100% with the assertion that a comped room could, in any way, be seen as taking advantage of one's employer.

I had one circumstance (and I won't go into detail here), but let's simply say that the stay was at a hotel that I frequent often and never have an issue with. But, on this one instance, the conditions were simply deplorable. Ridiculously bad things happened that ended up making me ill and caused me to get, essentially, less than an hour's sleep before a very important meeting that I was leading.

My employer paid for the room and they got what they paid for. But, I bore the total brunt of the lousy experience and it came at a big price for me personally. It took everything I could muster to run that meeting the next day and it was ultimately successful, but very much in spite of what I'd been put through by a series of errors at the hotel the night before.

The GM knew they'd messed up terribly and very proactively reached out to me with an acceptable comp resolution in the form of points.

From where I'm sitting, my company got the room and the shower that they paid for me to have while away from home. But, I was the one who suffered all of the downsides of a poorly operated hotel that night.

I have precisely zero qualms about accepting those points.
How did the employer get what they paid for if the hotel was so bad you got one of hour sleep before a very important company meeting you were leading?

Obviously bold is mine but clearly, in your own words, the company suffered because you were not at your best.
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