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I am using miles, and have secured an F award. Currently, booked on AC in C on the outbound and OZ in F on the return. Using MP miles.

The SFO-HKG on SQ has a seat open. While it may seem like a no-brainer, there are a few things working against my taking that seat:

1) The SQ flight leaves SFO at 1:20am. I'd rather take a day flight than an overnight.

2) I would have a 5 hour layover in HKG, and get into ICN at about 6pm. The AC connection via YVR is truly much more convenient, and it gets in earlier.

3) SQ F is not a novelty to me. (AC would be new configuration). If there is a chance that the 380 will begin the route by June, that would swing my vote, but it looks like it will be the 747.

Sages, what advice can you offer?
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Not sure how much you value your time in this case, but I would go with SQ F. I like HKG and find the lounges nice, so I wouldn't mind spending a long time there. That's just me though.
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If it is available I would take SFO-ICN on SQ 77W. But that is unlikely.

In any case, F is F and much better than C, at least for most airlines. SQ F >> AC C. Besides, you have paid for F why not get it?
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I vote for SQ too...SQ F seat is better than the new AC J seat, AC service is hit and miss, SQ AVOD is MUCH better than AC, and AC J Class catering can be downright awful.
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I'll go with the group and say if you're paying for F, enjoy F.

I love HKG though, so any excuse to route through there would win me over. Five hours would be more than enough time to hop into town, have a tasty meal and maybe see some sights or buy some souvenirs.

You don't mention the time difference on arrival into ICN, but it seems to me AC could provide hit or miss service and an okay product while SQ would provide consistent good/great service and a known, quality product.

Plus YVR-ICN is on a 763 - not all of AC's 763s have the new C-class product so unless I missed, something, you could be at risk of a pretty "blah" in-flight experience.

Looking at the schedule for random dates in June, it would appear the arrival into ICN is 15:50 via AC and 17:45 via SQ/OZ (I'm assuming this is what you're considering). Two hours difference wouldn't be enough for me to choose AC C over SQ F.

Off-topic: lucky - out of curiosity, which *A lounge do you find nicest? Is the SKL *A?
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It's TG's lounge.
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Originally Posted by aurigakb View Post
It's TG's lounge.
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