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trooper Nov 7, 07 7:44 pm

TG to NH in HKG... enough time?
Looking at a trip involving arriving HKG on TG and departing on NH just 1:05 later....

IS this rational/doable/legal? All flights planned/booked through Expedia... so "one ticket" presumably. (Do they "let" you book connections that are not practical?)

Can get in earlier on CX but would prefer to keep it all *A.....

Thanks in advance....

Kiwi Flyer Nov 7, 07 9:31 pm

I don't know what the MCT for HKG is but 1 hour is doable (assuming bags checked through or no bags).

trooper Nov 8, 07 2:26 am

Thanks Mate,

Yes, bags will be checked right through to final desto....

Looks like a "goer"... with perhaps a little risk if TG flight is late... I can live with that...:D

IluvSQ Nov 8, 07 8:31 am

Should be no problem - HKG is efficient.
Only delay may be if you have to pick up boarding pass in HKG - try to
have TG issue the second boarding pass in BKK when you check in for the
first flight - sometimes the transit counters in HKG have long lines, and
some of them are quite a distance from arrival/departure gates.

BlondeBomber Nov 8, 07 9:18 am

almost essential to have boarding pass issued at origin and not in HKG. Lines can be long or counters closed (this happened to me last time I was in HKG on a AC to UA connection). Security won't let you to gate without boarding pass. I was travelling on two tickets so couldn't get boarding pass at origin. In the end it all worked out as UA flight was late in departing and AC ground personnel got me through security to the gate. You shouldn't have a problem as you should get your boarding passes at origin. Lines for connection security are short/efficient and you don't have to travel far between disembarking and boarding gates.

trooper Nov 8, 07 7:19 pm

:D Thanks all!

... and who do we thank in a "general" way for all the info we glean from these boards... that have made it possible for me (and many others I'm sure) to maximise their travel experiences?? To learn enough to reach the point of even needing to ask such questions?

I LIKE this place! :D

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