Are LOT and AC Really That Bad?

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Are LOT and AC Really That Bad?

I'm looking at LAX-AMS flights next summer. The only business saver awards available are on these two airlines, and the cash price is significantly less on them as well. I remember the same thing being the case last year when I flew LAX-CPH. What ended up happening on that trip was that I paid for LH J, did a paid upgrade to F at LAX because it was available and not ridiculously expensive, loved the 3-class F experience, then rode LH J on the way home and was rather underwhelmed with the seat and cabin service.

If money was no object I'd just pay for LH F, but that's too expensive. I could also just pay for J on Delta/KLM for less than UA/LH J (and get a non-stop to boot), but have been loyal to UA for so long that I'm having trouble pulling that trigger. I could pay or use miles for UA Polaris (through SFO, IAH, ORD, EWR, or IAD), or pay again for J on LH and hope for a paid airport upgrade.

But the main point of this thread is that I could pay or use miles for J on Air Canada or LOT Polish Airlines for less, and I'm wondering if they are relatively equivalent in hard and soft product or notably inferior to the other options.
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As the question is not about UA but various *A partners, will moved to the *A forum

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Both AC and LO are pretty good in J actually. AC’s hard product is comfortable, and LO’s food is tasty. I’d take either over LH J, especially if cheaper.
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In a word "No". AC and LO are not that bad. I've flown both in the past year, and they surpass United in some ways, but not others. The biggest problem with AC is their deflating lie flat seats. See:

Deflategate; new executive pods deflating in-flight
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With AC too I guess it depends on where you are going to transit and what aircraft flies from LAX to there. I wouldn't really want a domestic F seat from LAX to YYZ. They have a couple of widebody flights but only one matches up to Europe departures. If you are going to transit YVR instead, then maybe it's not so bad, but you'd still have to transit YYZ to get to AMS.

A friend of mine flies LO from NRT-WAW quite a bit and he really likes it, he used to always fly LH but happily switched to LO when they started Tokyo service.
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I just flew LOT for the first time the other day (LO282 - LHR-WAW) - the service was really good on my flight, the food was really pretty good as well. I had a quiche dish that I thought was delicious. I would fly them again, no question. The interesting thing for me, and this was the same as an Lufthansa flight I had recently, was business class was 3-3 configuration (A320 Neo for LH & 737-9 for LO) and you get an empty middle seat. It's like sitting in coach with an empty middle seat but with business class service.
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Originally Posted by jonisflying View Post
The interesting thing for me, and this was the same as an Lufthansa flight I had recently, was business class was 3-3 configuration (A320 Neo for LH & 737-9 for LO) and you get an empty middle seat. It's like sitting in coach with an empty middle seat but with business class service.
This is standard for most European carriers nowadays.
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Both airlines have pretty bad on-time performance. Book a longer connection.
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On-time performance is not as bad as Swiss, and not as good as LH.
But seriously, according to flightstats:
29 LH 69.84% on time
30 LO 69.06% on time
31 AC 68.04% on time
33 LX 67.02% on time
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I have no problem with either airline, particularly in Business Class.
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Air Canada are very proud that they are the 'Best Airline in North America' according to the much discredited Skytrax organisation.

I think given the competition in North America, I wouldn't boast about that. They are 31 (down from 30) in the world ranking which is 11 behind Air Asia.
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On short hauls out of BOS AC isnít that bad when youíre sitting up front.

BOS-YUL 255 miles, AC, AVOD, parsley omelet on a E75
BOS-PHL 280 miles, DL, streaming, snack basket on a E70
BOS-IAD 415 miles, UA, streaming or Direct TV, snack basket on a 737
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No and No.

If you're talking J, LOT doesn't stack up hard product to AC IMO. 2-2-2 isn't the same as 1-2-1. When we're talking Economy...I'd say both are pretty on par, the food/service/entertainment are marginally better on AC. But that's just me. If you're Polish, or Eastern European, LO might be a bit better to you. I'm fine flying both.

But when it's J, I want aisle access without stepping over someone. You know who doesn't have that? LH. If money is no object, we're all flying LH first or something of that nature. But in a battle of J AC vs. LO, I'm taking AC. In a battle of Y AC vs LO, I'm taking whatever has a better price/timing combo.
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AC J is great, might be the best *A J product from the US to Europe. Excellent hard product with the reverse herringbone seats, and good food/service. If you fly paid fares, the YYZ signature lounge is phenomenal, on par if not better than the Polaris lounges.

Where AC falls short is irrops recovery. When weather gets bad in Canada or there is a mechanical, things go north very fast, and their recovery customer service is ATROCIOUS. Worse than UA and any other *A carrier I can think of. This is important to consider, because their on time performance in the winter is awful. YYZ is also a miserable airport, YVR on the other hand is pretty nice in a folksy kind of way.
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There is this thread on AC forum comparing AC and LH J class.
More details there. Overall, for similar reasons as mentioned above, AC is more often stated as the preferred airline for J class over LH class.

AC vs LH business class

In terms of lounge access, if one flies on AC business class to Europe from YYZ - one has access to the AC signature lounge (which is by some considered similar to LH F class lounge or UA Polaris lounges).

See link to that thread:

New VIP lounge YYZ int'l: Air Canada Signature Suite

If one flies on Star Alliance from YUL, I would say that AC international MLL is possibly better than LH Senator lounges, although some may argue with me on that point.

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