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acousticbiker Aug 6, 19 10:18 pm

Long haul business class: Air Canada 787 vs Swiss A330
My initial bias was toward Swiss but looking at pictures, AC looks more modern and spacious while Swiss looks more dated and cramped. Can anyone with direct experience speak to this? I also have United 787 as an option but seems clearly inferior to the other two.

dvs7310 Aug 6, 19 11:09 pm

I quite like the AC seat on the 787's but apparently there is quite a serious problem with them now and might better be avoided. I had several really nice flights on them, but that's been 3 or 4 years ago.

To the other part of your question, I too found the LX seats to be a little cramped but I'd still take them over UA on a 788 or 789. LX's service and food were significantly better than the typical I get on UA. I do assume on LX you're looking at a flight on either the A330 or 777? The A340 has the same seat but I remember the video screens being comically small.

Unterwegs Aug 7, 19 1:56 am

For me the LX seats are way too narrow. LX has 2+2+1 across in a 777. Other airlines with a similar layout have 1-2-1 (seats are 25 % wider with aisle access from every seat and much bigger box for your feet). I am only familiar with the AC seat on the 777, but my clear preference would be AC for the seat. The :LX food and service might be somewhat better, but for me the seat and the ability to sleep is the most important aspect.

lhrsfo Aug 7, 19 7:09 pm

I found the AC seats rather uncomfortable - strangely angled with a particularly uncomfortable seat belt. Also, the food is very poor. So my vote would be LX

rankourabu Aug 7, 19 8:40 pm

If you can get a seat in row 4/5 - LX. The rest of the cabin is very dorm-like and seats can feel confining.

AC seats may seem better in pictures, but previous posters already mentioned why they should be avoided.

skidooman Aug 10, 19 4:28 pm

For the seat, AC. Yes, despite the deflating thing, because it can be easily remedied.

For the food, I give LX my preference.

This being said, LX seat isn't really bad, not is the food on AC in my opinion. So maybe other factors may be considered here - timings, transfers, etc

zeer0 Aug 14, 19 3:07 am

Definitely AC 787, having flown both.

Much better seat hard product wise. The LX seat is pretty narrow and cramped, whereas the AC seat is one of the best in the business.
Soft product is good on both, I would say LX is maybe a little better food&beverage wise, but not enough to sway.

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