Which FFP should I choose?

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Question Which FFP should I choose?

Hi everyone,

I do not fly that much but i would like to choose a FFP to start to build something.

My Hub is TLS and this year I plan:
- One trip to the US (Atlanta and LAX) next week
- One trip to Canada next month (TOR and Montreal)
- An another trip to the US later (It will be two cities between Mobile, Charleston and Seattle)
- A trip to China later on this year (Tianjin)
- 2 or 3 trips to HAM

Right now, I do not have any FFP, for Europe flights i mostly use Lufthansa. My company have the habit to buy the cheapest tickets they find but I will be able to be sure to fly on *A airlines.
Maybe I will be able to do one or two trips as Eco Premium (fingers crossed).

I've read the conditions of most *A FFP, I pre-selected two FFP with lowest condition to get *S and *G: Aegian and Asiana.
Do you think this selection is revelant? If so witch one would you advice?

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The only flaw in your logic is the fare class. As you said your company buys the lowest fares they can get, so therefore in A3 (Aegean) and OZ (Asiana) you won't get very many miles if any at all, as lower fare classes can be 0% earning in both programs.

www.wheretocredit.com will help you a lot. You need to look at your past travel history and the actual fare class that you were booked into to see what it'll earn in various programs.

Frankly in your situation, I'd probably go with United Mileage Plus. You need 4 segments on UA metal every year to qualify for any status, but you get that with your domestic connections fairly easily. You need 25k for Silver and 50k for Gold (and Star Alliance Gold). The downside is that you don't get UA Club benefits if your itinerary doesn't have a same day international connection. The upside is that you'd get Economy Plus seating (up to 24h before if Silver, or at booking if Gold).

The main reason I recommend this program for you is your LH cheap fares, if you're flying a lot of LH L, K, T, S fares then you'll still get 100% status miles with UA making it a lot easier to get to 25k or 50k than you'd have getting to the same levels in OZ or A3. If you were flying any other *A airline (outside of LH group, so includes LX and OS too) then UA wouldn't be as attractive, but for anyone who flies primarily cheap fares on UA, LH, LX, OS, NH, and NZ then Mileage Plus is about as good as it gets for status attainability (assuming you aren't a US resident). If you were to credit to OZ or A3 then for example L and K fares on LH credit at 0%, T is 0% on A3 and 50% on OZ and S is 50% on both, but all 4 of those fares are 100% for status miles in UA (much lower for redeemable miles, but that's a different story, still no worse off than OZ or A3).

By my calculations you have just slightly over 50k miles if your long distance flights are all on LH and on your trips to HAM if you connect via FRA (or MUC). This is what I used for calculation


Domestic US flights need to be on UA and domestic Canada need to be on AC for that, you might get a few more miles by taking extra connections that are a bit out of the way, for example ATL-LAX, instead of direct you could go ATL-ORD-LAX or ATL-IAD-LAX. You should have a few options in your transits as well with CLS and MOB, obviously SEA adds a few miles if you go there instead. Not sure how you're planning to get to Tianjin, but I just put in PEK and am assuming car or train transit from there, not really worth flying domestic for that short segment unless you're coming via PVG.

Once you have status, your short domestic segments will still credit at 500 miles minimum (status miles), so for example FRA-HAM and YYZ-YOW would credit at 500 miles per segment (TLS-FRA is already slightly over 500 miles). This doesn't apply to all *A airlines but does for UA, AC, LH, LX, OS, NZ, NH and maybe a few others.
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