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Carfield Mar 6, 03 2:30 pm

RTW question again...
I have been reading through the FT's Star Alliance website and wants to find out the rule concerning continents.

All Star Alliance RTW are priced based on the miles, and includes one transpacific and one transatlantic flight, and has to be in one direction, but can I pass through a continent more than once?

Here is my plan:

Is this a legal routing?


Al B Mar 6, 03 2:59 pm

There is no "continent" rule as such in a *RTW, however you can only travel from IATA area 3 (Oceania/Asia) to area 2 (Africa, Mid East, Europe) or v.v. once per itinerary/ticket. As you have done this with your KIX-VIE segment, you can't come back into area 2 from area 3, but you aren't in your example - you're entering from area 1.
You are quite within rights to stopover in Asia again - mileage pending of course - and I can't see much else wrong with your proposal under rules problems.

Scott218 Mar 6, 03 3:42 pm


I don't really have a comment on the routing, more on the stopovers.

Which airlines are you planning to use for MAN-IAD-NYC?

Would it not be better to fly from LHR to IAD? Does BD offer a flight from MAN to IAD?

Patron Mar 6, 03 8:53 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Carfield:
AKL-KIX-VIE-LHR-MAN-IAD-NYC-YYZ-NRT-HKG-SIN-AKL. Is this a legal routing?</font>
Yes, RWSTAR2 (around 31.300 miles).

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Scott218:
Does BD offer a flight from MAN to IAD?</font>
BD 701/702 MAN-IAD vv have been suspended until end of May 2003. You can book now for travel from June, 1st 2003 onwards, as services will resume from then.

Tak Mar 7, 03 6:09 am

I will have the RTW in summer.

How about my plan?
Is this OK?


Since there is no direct flight from BUD-NRT, I have to go back to VIE by OS(just transit), then NRT by OS or NH.


RichardMEL Mar 7, 03 7:04 am

That's absolutely fine Tak. You can transit a city (eg: VIE) as many times as you like, but only stop (&gt;24 hours) once.

RichardMEL, UA 1K
A Star Alliance Member.

Carfield Mar 7, 03 1:50 pm

Thank you! I want to do the MAN-LHR-IAD to catch the BD flight. Yes, I know that it is suspended until June.

The reason for going through NRT or KIX to Vienna from AKL is that I want to fly OS. I have heard much about it. I flew Lauda last time and was slightly disappointed with the legroom. So I want to give OS a try.

Thanks again!

Tak Mar 10, 03 10:00 am

I checked the * alliance RTW rule and I don't find any backtracking issue inside a continent.

So I change the routing for this summer vacation.

Does it mean we can backtrack in europe and in Asia such as:

HNL-SFO-FRA-(surface)-TXL-VCE-(surface)-FLR -(FRA as transit)-CDG-NRT-BKK-(NRT as Transit)-HNL ?

We plan to use Rent a car between FRA-TXL and Venice-Florence.

Are these allowed?
or are these considered double open jaws in Europe which is not permited?

Thanks again in advance.

Patron Mar 10, 03 10:46 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Tak:
You can do it, but as there is no non-stop flight BKK-HNL you have to reroute eg BKK-KIX-HNL.

Tak Mar 11, 03 3:48 am

Thank you very much!!!

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