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Madrid Bullfights

I know there are many opinions on bullfighting, but I want to put that aside and ask a question about tickets. My wife and I are taking our first trip to Spain and want to attend a bullfight. I've read about the seating situation (sol vs. sol/sombra vs. sombra) but after visiting the ticket site there are many more considerations than just shade or no shade.

I'm using this site


The main ticket site for Plaza de Toros de las Ventas says the fight we want to go to is sold out, but the above site has tickets available. When I call the number it introduces itself as Ticketmaster, but they don't have any English reps available.

I'm just trying to decide what the best value for tickets is for a first-timer. The most expensive are the Barrera, which I assume are right up against the barrier. These are about 125euro a piece, and I'm not sure that we'd enjoy it that much more from that perspective. After that there are a number of progressively larger Filas, then some like Balconcilla Baja and Delantera Alta mixed in.

We certainly want a good seat with a good view, away from all of the Penas (i think those are the rowdies), but I don't think we need the equivalent of Laker's floor seats.

Any recommendations from someone who has been?
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Originally Posted by brj8826 View Post
We certainly want a good seat with a good view, away from all of the Penas (i think those are the rowdies),
This is the only part I'll offer an opinion on as I actually believe you may well have a much better time within the areas typically filled by the peņas. It is unlikely that you will appreciate the finer points of a bullfight at a first visit and by going to an area full of po faced cognoscenti (or other monied but clueless visitors) there would be little interaction with those around you.

The so called 'rowdies' are the heart and soul of the fights. You should think of them as social clubs, most well organised, many with their own club buildings or associated bars. These tend to be the people who get together, raise subscriptions, fund charities and keep many of Spain's celebrated festivals alive as well as offering facilities and opportunities for the aged and the very young.

They know how to have fun, they know how to appreciate skilled bullfighting, and if anyone is going to take you under their wing, explain a little about the fight or share wine from a leather 'bota' with you it would be a peņa member. 'Rowdies' indeed!
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Reliable website for bullfight tickets - Seville

hi, sorry to bump this old thread but does anyone have a recommendation for website they have used to buy tickets for a bullfight in Seville?

I just want to make sure that we actually have tickets waiting for us when we get there. I tried the hotel concierge and they said they will be able to get us "resale" tickets when we arrive at a higher cost. Would prefer to purchase beforehand.
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